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me + the checked trousers

October 20, 2015

checked trousers
anything with braces/dungaree-like looks, GIMME.

this is me + the checked trousers.

checked trouserschecked trouserschecked trousers

these fat checked woollen troos were an asos STEAL last year for something crazy like £20 in the sale. couldn’t believe my large trouser loving eyes. and i stand like a super hero when wearing them i see.

because im crap at having a blog – these pictures are a bit old now and its sandal weather no more – but swap in a long sleeve shirt, skinny scarf and some lace up shoes or boots and you’ll picture my annie hall style winter feels.

trousers: ASOS / shirt: H&M / sandals: TOPSHOP

so many more of this style series with gill and collaborating photographer caro to share – better late than never right?

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diario de una couturier

October 16, 2015


diario de una couturier

can i just say. guh.

d i a r i o  d e  u n a  c o u t u r i e r

“a timeless fashion brand based in Barcelona and Berlin. We create handmade clothes and we produce them with care and love. We work with small workshops and local suppliers with whom we develop collections unhurried and giving priority to quality than immediacy”

diario de una couturier
THEY HAVE A SALE ON. and a nice instagram account.


this suit.

July 30, 2015

stockholm street style


that girl.
that outfit.
styledreamboat.                                                                                                                  found here.


gill + the shirt dress

July 12, 2015

the shirt dress

the topshop shirt dress.  easy-wearing dress up dress down comfy cool perfect blue girl-shirt. gill nailed it with this buy. those pockets… super jealous. i love a shirt.

this is gill & the topshop dress.

the shirt dressthe shirt dressthe shirt dressthe shirt dressthe shirt dress
& on those days that the wee sun makes an appearance in glasgow? lose the tights & + your favourite birkenstocks. perfecta.

shop the look at  t o p s h o p  /  f o r e v e r 2 1

– c x

shot by super stylish record-collecting photographer caro weiss* as part of our style series.
*fun fact 5 ish – she loves star wars & cats.

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marcella x millichip

June 26, 2015

millichip x marcella

when cool cats get creative together . . THIS.
a collaboration between edinburgh fashion designer E M I L Y  M I L L I C H I P + glasgow risograph print studio & designer gabriella marcella of R I S O T T O  S T U D I O  to create this small batch of hand-tailored box-fit retro tops.  mixing millichips signature vibrant vintage style & marcellas bold colour heavy prints – with a different design for each month of the year..

marcella x millichipmarcella x millichip
a capsule collection of neon stripes + waves + eye-poppery.  it’s APRIL or JUNE for me please.

available here now.

– c x


& other stories

June 10, 2015

& other storieslast year a lady sashayed past me at a wedding wearing a midnight v-necked wing-sleeved backless patterned dress .. & i loved her a bit.

it was from  &  o t h e r  s t o r i e s 

& other stories& other stories& other stories& other stories& other stories& other stories
i could spend a little fortune here*.  on hats / sandals / jeans / all of the simple lingerie / all of the everything.

this fashion brand offers huge diverse collections of affordable / versatile / cool girl styles – every piece of dressing – from feet to face… including a range of beauty products & really truly beautiful socks.

each collection has a story + the styling is so good … S H O P  & other stories  H E R E !
c x

*the reason i am not spending all my monies just yet? the big kitchen life. we almost have it . . .
(once said life is ours  – I AM SPENDING ALL MY MONIES ON CLOTHES + HOMEWARES!  my asos basket is pretty full right now… + UO.. + topshop … + … wah)


me + the long checked shirt

June 2, 2015

the shirt one day last summer, i was in a shop that i usually keep for socks & flat shoes, with my 7 year old niece, buying said socks etc when i saw that shirt up there.  oh my days. less than 20 bucks it was. i was having it.  the niece laughed out loud and looked at me like i was seriously SILLY. so i took her with me to try it on & almost managed to convince her it was a good idea. ish. she was smirking when she agreed – but she’s a bit cool like that the wee bugger so i ignored her. she was 7. pah.

this is me + the long checked shirt & the 2nd in our style series with the ever german, always lovely caro weiss photography*.
shirt dressshirt dressshirt dressthe shirt dressit’s from P R I M A R K. shut the front door.
belted with sandals (and big pants/shorts because it’s super chiffony see through) or worn like the open floating over-shirt that it likes to be – i am not even doing it justice up there with my awkward face & muddy boots. but you can see it for what it is right? it’s a billowy good shout is what it is.

french-style 5 piece minimal capsule wardrobe compatibility?  ummmm low to no. BUT… it’s light, goes with all denims & bare legs – converse, high heels, hats + jumpers.. so i’ll be darndet it stays.

other (scruffy) outfit items from  t o p s h o p  /  h & m  /  a c c e s s o r i z e

please note my non-fashion-bloggerness & that most of the outfits we share on here are old favourites – not new hot of the press stuff.  i think that’s ok? no? bad blogger etiquette?  yikes if so – but i’ll keep sharing like a pal all the same.

– c x

* fun fact 3 (or 4?) about our picture taking friend – she likes crazy japanese psychedelia or some shit. & she knows best. see more of her work here!


gill + the suede coat

April 21, 2015

the mango coat
gill bought the suede coat. and we looked at it and sighed a lot. gill also just got married. and she’s a total BABE. so to celebrate – both the marriage & the jacket – i’m sharing the first in our little style series in cahoots with our small german picture-taking friend, caro weiss.

this is gill & the mango coat.

the mango coatthe mango coatthe mango coatthe mango coatthe mango coat
BABIN. that outfit. stripes & suede 4 EVA.
+ french-style minimal 5-piece capsule-wardrobe compatibility?  T E N.

shop gills look at  m a n g o  /  p u l l & b e a r  /  f o r e v e r 2 1

paint your nails red & get out for brunch.

– c x

(see more of caro’s photography here)


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wear | the whitepepper

March 26, 2015

the whitepepper

i was introduced to this east london based online fashion brand by none other than cool shoe wearing caro the german picture-taker. and as soon as i looked at the website – i started a basket….

t h e  w h i t e p e p p e r

bold prints, bright colours, easy wearing dresses, cute shirts, LOTS of collars & buttons & child like patterns – the whitepepper specialise in quirky + unique street style + vintage inspired pieces.

i love the look book styling / colourful + super super cute …

the whitepepper
i recently bought  t h i s  d r e s s  (it was clicked and confirmed before i could even start justifying it) and it is one of the most wearable cute + comfortable things in my so-far-not-very-successful capsule wardrobe.

these are my top picks / / things in my basket right now :

the whitepepper
you’ll find the brand stocked online in urban outfitters, topshop & asos as well as over at

(just enter AHOY at checkout)

sorry & you’re welcome – c x

ps. gill – i’ve put that oversized pink wool coat up there for you to find. because i’m a pal.



March 19, 2015

suede style

like flares – I  L O V E  T H I S  T R E N D. it’s going to be a hard year shopping for me. hard as in – I”LL BUY EVERYTHING JOHN WILL DIVORCE ME AND I”LL HAVE NO MONEY BUT I DONT EVEN CARE BECAUSE ITS ALL SO BEAUTIFUL.

it’s not often whats in fashion/on trend/blah blah has any effect on me – but 2015 is the year of perfect style. yes to the 70s. yes to being a hippy. yes to a bit military & utility. to a bit boho. to textures – wool & suede & knits & velvet. yes and more yes’s to buttons & collars & knits & billowy bottoms & dungafuckingrees.
and suede!

z a r a  +  m a n g o  are both nailing it right now.  not just the suede – but the lookbook styling + photography.

soooo since it’s definitely spring now.. i definitely need T H O S E  S A N D A L S
& obvs nothing is ever complete without a good old fashioned B R O W N  B E L T (no jazzy bits for me on my belt thank you)
i like that girl in her woven knit top + S U E D E  S K I R T a lot.
remember i mentioned a purple velvet waistcoat? here’s another W A I S T C O A T i think i love.
gills going to super love that S H I R T D R E S S .
and i’m pretty sure i would look like alexa in that B U T T O N D O W N S K I R T
B A G . because i left my old suede one in a taxi last week.

let’s keep this 70s revival going forever – c x