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August 24, 2015



C U E R O & M O R

this lookbook. oh my days.

“Launched in 2014, Cuero and Mor is a brand that celebrates a commitment to beautiful and fully functioning essentials in it’s collection of leather accessory models. Each piece intimately hand crafted in Los Angeles.”

the spanish word for leather and the danish word for well done.

well done.

[see here]

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zara home

August 21, 2015

eh so…. Z A R A  H O M E.

just in time for #thebigkitchenlife…. i’ll have all of the above + a crap ton of these tumblers / this tray (or 2) / an ugly flamingo jug & salt+pepper shakers to match / + this fucking cool fancy-pants stand up ashtray thing.

please thanks.

(key word here : AFFORDABLE. hoola! because um, we also have expensive taste in wooden spoons & shit)


studio nl

July 11, 2015

studio NL

a few of the beautiful & cool objects to be found in online shop S T U D I O  N L.

formally known as NAKED LUNGE – this small family run business not only carry a selection of handpicked artisan goods & homewares (including a range of HAY items, hummin’a hummin’a) but also design & make a collection of screen printed products in house – from children’s bits to stationery & textiles. AND they teach sewing & screen printing workshops up and down the uk.

the new studio, opened in april of this year, is based in leicestershire & will now carry stock as well as be home to classes & workshops throughout the year.

paper goods / ceramics / books / SOCKS / & office bits. another shop full of my favourite things. yikes.
follow on instagram @studionl for super pretty behind the scenes bits & stock updates.

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dusen dusen h o m e

June 21, 2015

dusen dusen

i am loving these sneaks of the new D U S E N  D U S E N  home collection .. i raved on about the clothing line … cool girl style in primary colours & heavy micro prints … back here. but home bits have my pinterest loving heart & i cannot wait for this line to launch in august….

dusen dusendusen dusendusen dusen

see more & read about the DUSEN DUSEN home collection over on SIGHT UNSEEN...
& follow on instagram for behind scenes sneak peeks & more of THAT DOG. wah.


sparrow + co

May 26, 2015

sparrow and co

this (scottish!) shop & i met on twitter. delighted i was.  i noted all of the pieces i planned to buy for the house with the big kitchen (that we haven’t bought yet) immediately …

s p a r r o w  a n d  c o .

inspired by traditional crafting skills, this collection curated by Samuel Sparrow, of handmade homewares is cleverly & lovingly sourced from all over the world – countries including morocco, india & of course scotland.
also designing products in-house, each item is picked or created with durability & uniqueness in mind. objects of function – every piece handcrafted & imperfect.
& perfect because of this.

they say they are ‘the antithesis of mass produced products .. and proud’

i love them. again – likemindedness is a warm & welcoming thing – & as well as the shop, the sparrow & co journal is another online space, like us, sharing stories & recipes – a perfect place ‘to explore & discuss’.
shop in the shop & stop in for a read of the blog. it’s super. (this sourdough recipe is on my list)

thanks for introducing yourselves guys! i’m so happy to know of you.

may my longed-for big kitchen be filled with imperfect-perfect ceramics & objects crafted to last.
(& may i always have a sheepskin on my reading chair)

– c x


shop | fine little day

May 12, 2015

fine little day

this shop has been on my share list since before we launched . . the plan being to buy this print – which i first saw somewhere on instagram – & share/rave about how it introduced me to the joy that is this shop.

F I N E  L I T T L E  D A Y

what started out as a personal blog, by swedish artist & photographer elisabeth dunker, sharing bits of life & flea market finds, has evolved into what they now call “a sprawling and happily inconsistent company and blog..” offering quality products, created in-house by their very own design studio… everything from art prints & posters, beautiful textiles & kitchenwares, to books & bed linen for kiddos.

the key to this brand is expressive patterns & graphic designs – unique, homely, cool & creative.. i love it all very much. heavily inspired by nature – mountains, trees & the sea – and almost naive, playful, patterns & prints . . . i imagine my big kitchen full of fine little day barr trays & these napkins – a bathroom of beautiful hand towels.
& if ever we have kiddos, they will most definitely be wearing knitted squirrel socks , reading the life of mr moustache & eating cut apples off our bobo pot mat.

an amazing shop – a brilliant blog to read – and now, a book to love too.

YOU ARE WELCOME. (please don’t buy that poster before me ..) – c x

ps – follow fine little day on instagram for the loveliest home pictures, most brilliant wall paper, inspiring outdoors & the coolest/weirdest cat i think i’ve ever seen…


shop | tea and kate

April 24, 2015

tea and kate
it seems the best place to find shops & online stores selling the things you love….  is through instagram!  the linking on insta pictures to this that and the next lamp is a brilliant thing. people i follow i follow because i like their style, how they live, what they take photos of – eats & homes & buildings & books – so OF COURSE I WANT TO KNOW WHERE THEY GOT THAT CUSHION/BLANKET/JUMPER/GIANT PAPERCLIP. ergo, of course i want to know where they shop.
click on all the instagram tags, i say, and you’re sure to find amazing things….

like T E A + K A T E .

this shop is a little emporium of brilliant collections, lovingly & excitedly sourced from around the world. full of charm & beautiful designs – tea+kate has serious taste. from danish furniture to rifle paper goods, super cute kiddos bits & stylish accessories & decor – there’s a bit of modern, a bit of retro & everything cool in this one cleverly curated shop.

those picks above are some of my favourites – but you have to look online (here) to see the extent of lovely things to buy from this place.  it’s a caboodle of perfect home bits & exciting products.

tea & kate. put it on your list. (their instagram account is really worth a follow too – some great styling + shopping inspiration! because we all need more shopping inspo…)

have a great weekend all  – c x

(i can’t remember what super cool insta-person first introduced me to tea+kate months ago – but thank you if you share stuff. let’s all do that)

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such & such

April 14, 2015

such and such
such & such.

oh man. this shop.
founded by a brother & sister team, such&such source only the finest in hand crafted & well designed pieces from talented & creative makers committed to their craft  – selling only items that they love themselves, carefully curating a selection of cherishable homewares + lifestyle goods.

i mean T H I S  C H A I R – have you ever seen the likes? have you ever wanted to sit on something so much?!

i love that these guys search for cool + original product making it an important part of the shop to tell the makers stories. working with designers who really inspire them, in the hope that they inspire us too.
which they absolutely do.

these are quality products that will last, things to live your life with you, &, importantly to me, can not be found in every other shop or online store.  spend some time reading through their journal for inspiration, recipes & makers stories. absolutely worth a bookmark.

– c x

and um… i want this pallet lampshade so hard. please.

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shop | future + found

April 7, 2015

a n o t h e r  g r e a t  s h o p  f o r  y o u r  h o m e !

future and found.

carefully curated collections, beautiful designs & finds for your home. based in north london – and with a bricks and mortar store to visit here – future and found have ‘a vision of whats to come and a love for whats been’. so lovely, so good.

above are my top picks – the oak frame which, cleverly, consists of 4 pieces of wood, 2 bits of plexiglass & a rubber band.  a scandinavian design, of course. brilliant.
the horseshoe magnetthe little toothbrush/paste cabin holder – love that this can be wall mounted to save sink/shelf space.
this is the nicest marble board i’ve found. & those mint storage jars are kitchen perfect – and again, danish designs. (those guys are the best) and this spinning top by HAY is kingsize! super cool kiddo gift.
and then that cushion along with all the other textiles in stock. and THAT concrete desk lamp.

you can find the website – stocked full of well designed, simple & stylish goods – here.

we are getting this print – by onemustdash. there is something about images & drawings of forests, mountains & trees that always get me.. maybe it’s because of where i grew up, but they feel pure magical. and make me feel grounded. it’s a strange thing.

happy shopping y’all – c x

ps. we were away for so long because GILL GOT MARRIED! what a week – what a wedding. i’m sure we’ll do a wee share on here at some point .. it was the most fun, with the best eats & the WILDEST DANCE PARTY. big loves c+g. big huge crazed loves.x

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wear | the whitepepper

March 26, 2015

the whitepepper

i was introduced to this east london based online fashion brand by none other than cool shoe wearing caro the german picture-taker. and as soon as i looked at the website – i started a basket….

t h e  w h i t e p e p p e r

bold prints, bright colours, easy wearing dresses, cute shirts, LOTS of collars & buttons & child like patterns – the whitepepper specialise in quirky + unique street style + vintage inspired pieces.

i love the look book styling / colourful + super super cute …

the whitepepper
i recently bought  t h i s  d r e s s  (it was clicked and confirmed before i could even start justifying it) and it is one of the most wearable cute + comfortable things in my so-far-not-very-successful capsule wardrobe.

these are my top picks / / things in my basket right now :

the whitepepper
you’ll find the brand stocked online in urban outfitters, topshop & asos as well as over at

(just enter AHOY at checkout)

sorry & you’re welcome – c x

ps. gill – i’ve put that oversized pink wool coat up there for you to find. because i’m a pal.