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August 4, 2016

bon iver erotic stories
i can’t stop.

thanks to my ridiculous pal for sharing this // BON IVER EROTIC STORIES.

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short stack

March 12, 2015

short stack

food magazines are a monthly priority spend in our house. not the most frugal thing to spend the monies on – but husband feels they are an essential. & since we get real cool ones – I’m fine with that. i love me a beautiful magazine.

s h o r t s t a c k is a series of collectable little cookbooks. each edition written by a different chef with a focus on one single ingredient. all printed on high quality paper & stitch bound by hand.

with shipping – these guys have to live on the super treat list rather than the monthlys – but such a cool idea and way too beautiful not too share..

read more about short stack editions here – c x

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oliver jeffers

March 8, 2015

oliver jeffers

sometimes i spend a long time in book shops. such brilliant places to be. old & worn books. new books. passed on books. i can’t bring myself to get a kindle. i like to fold pages.
the cookery section in big stores, i particularly enjoy for long times. but, the kiddos space in waterstones – at christmas i go, with my list of kiddos in mind, and sit for hours choosing the perfect book for each.  sometimes accidentally i buy one for john and i too. they can be that beautiful & that funny.

o l i v e r  j e f f e r s  has been many a christmas favourite.

his stories clever creative & inspiring. his illustrations perfect imaginative & so beautiful.

oliver jeffers
i couldn’t choose a favourite, but for a lot of laughs, i recommend ‘the day the crayons quit‘. kiddo or not.

oliver jeffers

oliver jeffers art projects, as well as his award winning picture books, are brilliant. i love a world with coffee a lot, & his dipped paintings series.

oliver jeffers
follow on facebook for news & cool old sketches.

& enjoy the last of your sunday – c x


tonight | whisky day

February 11, 2015


tonight is a night for drinking whisky. it’s a family tradition. and we like to share it every year in the hope that whisky day will become a ‘thing’ for many**

if whisky is not for you  – you think – the recipes here by the girls at women&whiskies might just change your mind…  have a go and pour a dram, take some time & think about all the good things in life. even if they are few – away and feel lucky for a night.

happy whisky day – c x

**read about our annual family tradition here & here. we’d love you to join in. & become wrinkly with laughter & life.


image above – Glencoe – by the kitcheners


the jealous curator

February 10, 2015

jeffrey simmons


go and spend some time on the jealous curator. you’ll see some wonderful things.

– c x

watercolour on paper by jeffrey simmons

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le weekend | 4

February 1, 2015

doing nothing

today i’m practising the art of doing nothing. slow, thoughtful, nothing.
there is a really lovely article in kinfolk – which you can read online here – suggesting exactly why this is such an important exercise.
take some time. be idle.

today is for that.

– c x

image found on miss moss via beth kirby on pinterest (both nice places to stop by on a sunday)

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make | almost makes perfect DIY

January 21, 2015

almost make perfect diy
i love this diy idea.  s o  m u c h . a marble moon phase wall hanging by the super molly* of almost makes perfect – one of my long time favourite blogs & inspirations.
you’ll find full instructions & pictures over there ….

almost makes perfect diyalmost makes perfect diy

D O O Z I  E .

cool blog huh? super style & funny too. i feel like the blogs pal. we’ve got stuff in common – music taste, home style –  i’m honestly pretty sure we’d laugh a lot over margaritas & our mutual love of toast**. except molly is a way better DIY-er than me, comes up with some crazy-brilliant ideas & has totally nailed her blog aesthetic.  sharing stories, mix tapes & wish lists too – she’s an all round good blogegg.

check out some more of her DIY posts –
like this DIY wood ring box or DIY GUESS WHO. yes, guess who, that  a m a z i n g  game you played when you were a kiddo but may have forgotten until now?  – almost make perfect show you how to make your own.  WITH YOUR PALS FACES ON.  great. i. dea.

we should all make stuff cook stuff share stuff.  lets. – c x

* molly also co-owns blogzilla – who designed this very blog theme – more on them laters

** blogs give you this crazy notion that you know a person and are somehow their crony. i find this strange and fun all at once. lets all be pals.