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looking in / 3

June 6, 2015

mid century home tourmid century style homemid century style homeS U P E R  C O O L  H O M E.

built in 1955 by an architecture professor . . . that wood paneling + open plan layout ? ! JEEZ.

found on apartment therapy

really. oh my days. so cool.


tonight | 3

May 19, 2015

vsco grid

that’s what i look like tonight.  kind of doing yoga but mostly just hanging upside down with messy hair trying to clear my head. it’s one of those weeks.

the next post you see will be Gills. and it’s useful & interesting & already inspired me to start a new routine… not this week. but as soon i don’t feel like that girl up there.

so here’s to yoga doing the trick with the help of devendra banhart  & the start of some new blogging by the gill.
enjoy! – c x


image by Jared Chambers via vsco grid.


le weekend | 9

May 10, 2015

francoise hardythis weekend i found out that you can have a karaoke on spotify* & life as we knew it changed.  if you knew about this before now – you should have told me. I’m delighted. john seemed a bit upset. for why i don’t know because he now arrives home after a long day at work to wine-drunken, & i’ll say pretty successful, renditions of francoise hardys – tous les garçons et les filles. the perfect wife welcome.

finally. i am singing in french, my hair is growing long again, and we are one step closer to the big kitchen life…

hope you had a great weekend – c x


* to partake in some spotify karaoke  – play your song and click on lyrics down next to the time line/mins left line at the bottom. i’m honestly over the moon about this. & yes i’m aware that you can google lyrics. this is better.


looking in / 2

April 25, 2015

inspiring homeinspiring homeinspiring homeinspiring home

this home.  if ever i decide to really (i mean really) try and achieve an uncluttered minimal look in my home – this would be my inspiration.  i love the  s p a c e .  clean + cool. airy bright + organised.

i’d soon fill it with bits + shit + stuff. but it would make for a calm collected starting point at least.

read more about the ladies who live there, here.

– c x

if you like looking into other peoples lives + reading the whys hows + who’s behind beautiful creative homes + spaces like this one – spend some time on fvonf.  if you like what we like – you’ll like it there.

[images by adrian cano franco + erea azurmendi]

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such & such

April 14, 2015

such and such
such & such.

oh man. this shop.
founded by a brother & sister team, such&such source only the finest in hand crafted & well designed pieces from talented & creative makers committed to their craft  – selling only items that they love themselves, carefully curating a selection of cherishable homewares + lifestyle goods.

i mean T H I S  C H A I R – have you ever seen the likes? have you ever wanted to sit on something so much?!

i love that these guys search for cool + original product making it an important part of the shop to tell the makers stories. working with designers who really inspire them, in the hope that they inspire us too.
which they absolutely do.

these are quality products that will last, things to live your life with you, &, importantly to me, can not be found in every other shop or online store.  spend some time reading through their journal for inspiration, recipes & makers stories. absolutely worth a bookmark.

– c x

and um… i want this pallet lampshade so hard. please.


if we had a bigger kitchen . .

April 13, 2015

thinking of big kitchensthis weekend i did exactly what deep down me wanted to do. and acted how that me would act. that’s me above /\ channeling the inner mindful me.  relaxed and pottery. calm and unhurried. organised, but casually so. naturally aware of time – never rushing. i wore a tie with my denim shirt & just pretended my hair was long again.  i went book shopping. on a saturday afternoon. alone. for hours. i went food shopping – and bought seldom ingredients like asparagus & pearl barley & fish & almond butter. the things the real me would be eating all the time if the current me wasn’t eating super noodle sandwiches in bed at midnight with the husband just home from work. sometimes there’s no time for real food? and yet food is our favourite thing..  i walked at a nice pace – if i missed a train… there would be another soon after. I’M SO LAIDBACK I SAID.  i started one of the new books while waiting on the train. because i left my phone off.  WOAH. at home i cooked – braised spicy star anise-y meatballs. yes. & drank red wine. listening to sidney bechet & dreaming of a bigger kitchen.

the deep down me has the big kitchen already. full of books & plants & music & natural light. open shelving over filled with dishes – ceramics & wood. pots & pans in every colour & size. a window sill of potted herbs. a big table for hosting & sitting & spending quick mornings together before work. coffee & notes. cooking and dancing.
kitchen dreams

only when i have that big kitchen will i be that me from the weekend at all times. i’ll wear my hair long again & own numerous pairs of dungarees. my cooking will rival johns. i’ll be fluent in ukelele & make the most of all the evenings & mornings.

that is one of our 2 by-the-end-of-2016 goals… the big kitchen life.

i can’t wait – c x


(top image from this brilliant photographer on iGnant + all perfect kitchens from pinterest)


tonight | 2

April 10, 2015

confetti head
tonight = clean up + rest up.

last weekend saw gill & chris get married. and it was the wildest most wonderful fun & frantic love filled few days. & then it was over & we had to go back into crazy work mode. what a shit-show.  we’ve all got almighty spangled heads.

i need to tidy up the party vibes & get some sleep.

we have so many plans for this space over the coming months. and a shit ton of brilliant makers & places & bits to share. it’s exciting. it’s sunny. we’re super pooped. and to celebrate all of the above – i’m taking a night off in bed. WILD.

hope you enjoy yours. c x

tiny world shadow box sculpture – ‘a womans work’ by lisa swerling
(via junkculture via bri emery)


looking in

March 29, 2015

looking inlooking inlooking inlooking inlooking inlooking inlooking inlooking in

i love this home. the light + all the plants. the kitchen full of wares + the simple bright+calm bedroom.
that space off the living room . . . a table for drinking coffee by big windows overlooking somewhere green – that’s the dream.

read an interview with the creative couple who live there, on freundevonfreunden.
if you love looking in as much as i do – you will enjoy that website VERY MUCH.

– c x


le weekend | 8

30 day minimalism challenge
weekends these days (apart from t h a t hen do) seem to have a theme in our house . .

s i m p l i f y  /  d e c l u t t e r  /  s l o w d o w n

this 30 day minimalism challenge by into mind seems fairly simple on first look but some of those tasks are more difficult than we would all think i’m sure.. and come april, le weekends get a lot busier.

so, not starting today – because things are crazy for a SUPER SPECIAL REASON** over the next week – but, the week after that, I’m going to give it a go. checking off day by day the things we should all be doing/not doing but don’t/and do. it’ll be good for the soul.

so today i feel like i’m preparing for a month of being mindful, grateful, relaxed + uncomplaining by spring cleaning, writing lists & doing some moaning. just to get it out of my system..

hope le weekend is being good to you – c x

** next week GILL GETS MARRIED ! ! !

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shop | minor goods

March 23, 2015

minor goods

m i n o r  g o o d s

i first found this shop via instagram – glasgow maker: o b j e c t  c o m p a n y  posts beautiful, styled images of her handcrafted wooden pieces – her instagram account is one of my favourite locals – so when i saw that she was stocking her wares at MINOR GOODS . .  i knew i’d love the shop.

carefully selecting handmade goods from artisans around europe mostly, & some worldwide – minor goods believe that less is more, curating lifestyle items that are simple, beautiful & traditionally made, with a modern approach.

the website is a well styled space & tells the stories of each maker and their methods – making the pieces sold feel as though they should be cherised, well used & loved within your home.

have a look at the minor goods shop here & follow on instagram here for daily inspiration & goodness.

i want all the wood pieces for the big kitchen we will have one day ….
– c x