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new home | #thehugehallwaylife

December 4, 2016

we have a huge hallway. it’s long. and one sided. all the rooms on the left. big long wall on the right. a bare grubby stretch of nothing wall with holes.
cue hashtag thehugehallwaylife.

right now the proverbial spare room of the home –  the only space in our one bedroom tenement flat for the things you don’t really want in your main-room rooms. the broken sofa you keep for the day you own a spare room again… the much too huge make your own beer kit yet to be used. the steam cleaner. the broken coat stand. hanks never used bed. the list goes on. and on. and shoes. and on.

since we first saw this dream-big-kitchen-house i’ve had big plans for the big hall.
high high-up shelves along the full stretch of the freshly painted deholed long wall for good-looking grown up storage boxes and droopy long-armed plants.  really lovely nice hooks by the door for a select few -just a few- really lovely nice coats + hats. a low +wide corner shelving unit of lamps and books and plants and lamps. art on the walls. incense burning. sheepskins on bench. a wicker lamp shade above. only danish clogs by the door. hank will drape casually on his dusen dusen bed and never leave puddles of drool on the beautiful huge kilim rug. ETC.
you know. just a dream hallway. no biggie.

hallway inspirationhall inspirationhall inspirationhall3-designspongehall2hall inspirationhall6-decorenvyhall5

so thats coming next.
it is.
but first – still – #thepeacefulbohobathroomlife.
and the kitchen pantry.
and broken door handles.
and christmas.

images from amber interior design / decor envy / sf girl by baygrace spain / design sponge / pinterest / old brand new

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ohhhhh canadaaaaa ahhh

October 4, 2016

corey j isenor photography
we’re just back from holiday with muggy heads tired bodies tequila soaked livers and a shit ton of ideas + inspiration. i’ve not felt so motivated to make change + do the dreams (whatever we decide they are) since my hashtag 2016 phase. + before that, amsterdam (the barshopbistropubconceptstore city of beer fogged dreams). when this jet lag is over. .  there will be no stopping. but for now i’m trying to get ourselves tidied up back into the real world. working washing decluttering + for john, starting a new job. the week is going too fast. on a slow speed setting.

so im going to just settle into that. not ask too much. sleep when i need sleep. and make lists + plans for when said motivation life change energy kicks right in and i can be bothered with it.
lists always help. hank helps. sofa helps.

on a side note* im so aware that im shite at blogging. and i’ve decided im ok with that. in the words of john in canada > when i do i do. when i don’t i don’t.
such is life.


#thebigkitchenlife - home

new home | #thepeacefulbohobathroomlife

March 31, 2016

bathroom inspiration

we’re doing up our bathroom – nothing crazy, a new floor + new taps, that kind of thing – we’re going to get as close to a toilet dream as early 2016 monies will allow – a light filled plant heavy wooden accented space where i will bathe long and moisturise deeply. as earth mothers do. surrounded by greenery and burning insence sticks on imperfect stone dishes..

#thebigkitchenlife is ours. now on to achieving #thepeacefulbohobathroomlife.

bathroom inspirationbathroom inspirationbathroom inspiration bathroom inspirationbathroom inspirationbathroom inspiration
i definitely have a coherent dream-house vibe across the (pinterest) board. my style doesn’t differ by room. although we sometimes chat about painting a dark bedroom – deep midnight or charcoal walls + french linen and blankets in grey + sooty sheepskins + towering plants – but moody nordic feels a bit adult for now. my love of light+bright stays strong.

so we’re going with blue and white patterned floor tiles. keeping the existing white shower tile & white-washed wood panelled walls + adding some hooks and shelf for more plants. new taps and a new shower with power to wash all of the coffee scrubs & other earth mothery natural products i plan to buy for this life of slow living we don’t yet lead.

+ (because this is sure to complete #thepeacefulbohobathroomlife i we dream of) a woodworking friend is making us a bath shelf from beautiful off cuts of fallen tree* – the most exciting item planned since the open shelf project.

#thebigkitchenlife just keeps on giving.

i will share it all when we get round to the do. though when it comes to doing we go pretty slow. and i. don’t. mind.

[images via apartment therapy / design sponge / regardsetmaisons / Emily Katz / IKEA / dwell]

*fallen tree workshop – two talented friends of mine from school days started hand carving home accessories from bits of fallen forest – and have grown now to designing and building custom pieces and full interiors. a hobby > a career. inspiring right? read their full story here & follow on instagram for behind the scenes stories & current projects. so happy to still have these two pals in my life. fist bump emoji x5.


looking in | 5

January 19, 2016

emily katzthe home of macrame artist E M I L Y  K A T Z.
emily katzemily katzemily katzemily katzemily katzemily katzemily katzemily katzemily katzemily katz

emily katz instagram feed is a bohemian dream land of home inspiration. THE LIVING ROOM.

images from urban outfitters blog / emilys website / + emily hendersons post on the new bohemians’ book by justina blakeney


heroes / david bowie

January 11, 2016

david bowie


filling our house with his music today.

david bowiedavid bowie2016-01-11_0006david bowiedavid bowie2016-01-11_0007David Bowie
there’s a star man waiting in the sky.. he thinks he’d blow our minds.
he did.


looking in / 4

November 24, 2015

interior inspirationinterior inspirationinterior inspirationinterior inspirationinterior inspirationinterior inspirationinterior inspirationinterior inspirationlooking in
looking in to photographer leslie williamsons home via FvonF.

the light. the warmth in the wood panelling. all of the chairs.

looking at other peoples homes has long been one of my favourite past times.  how people choose to use a space. what art they own. where it’s placed. the objects they keep. the colour palettes they choose. there is no better interior inspiration for me. and yet never any home is completely perfect for you – because a home is only a home when you make it your own. and i am thoroughly enjoying making home in our big kitchen life.

still shelfless. still messy. still a dream.

#thebigkitchenlife - home

H E L L O ! we have a big kitchen.

October 15, 2015

the big kitchen life

we bought our first place! and we’ve moved on in. i’m mostly unpacked. hank has settled. and i finally squashed the giant sofa boxes. after quite some time im ready to live regular life full-time again. which means getting properly dressed daily, working, playing on here, and not drinking wine in the big kitchen all day. everyday. (it’s been really great..)

it’s a dream this big kitchen life. still without shelves. still without a pantry. still without a light shade. still a dream.

the darjeeling limited soundtrack is playing in our bigkitchenlife corner. i get tea in my bought-for-thebigkitchenlife mug every morning. and drink wine & smoke cigarettes by my bigkitchenlife window every night. it’s an absolute pleasure.

i’ll be sharing plenty of our buys and want-to-buys on here along with all the other great stuff, places & makers i’ve found and not posted yet. it’s catch up time.

ps i’m going to get a new camera and stop with the bad instagram screenshots on here – it’ll be a nicer place for you to visit soon. whoooooo yah.

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zara home

August 21, 2015

eh so…. Z A R A  H O M E.

just in time for #thebigkitchenlife…. i’ll have all of the above + a crap ton of these tumblers / this tray (or 2) / an ugly flamingo jug & salt+pepper shakers to match / + this fucking cool fancy-pants stand up ashtray thing.

please thanks.

(key word here : AFFORDABLE. hoola! because um, we also have expensive taste in wooden spoons & shit)


le weekend / 10

June 21, 2015

le weekend
i’ve not been on everything akin for so long. too long. i’m that person that wants a blog to share all the shit – and then doesn’t do it….
i didn’t mean it & i still want it. so i be making the time again. for this & for yoga. because it was all feeling good, and like adriene* says … you should find what feels good.

this weekend i went on a road trip with good pal eileen of sugar8.. our mama style post lady.  she’s makes amazing wedding films for beautiful people all over the country. and sometimes i get to play assistant and get behind a camera** for her. it’s a good deal. and this time we were down in the shire. breaking down on motorways, eating crepes & crying at beautiful speeches & crazy minister-singing. check out her films here + here.  (both me + gill have the joy of owning/starring in an original sugar8 film. she’s the bombdiggety)
(and yes i think you star in your own wedding film…)

so le sunday of le weekend has been a sleepy scruffy day of wearing husband shirts, trying not to eat pot noodles, catching up on emails, hugging my dog and cleaning my bathroom.
and realising how shit i am at having a blog.

so . . happy fathers day to you all. have a merry merry evening. and i’m promising myself i’ll be sharing more of the good things in my drafts very soon.  like the dusen dusen home collection below. perf.

thanks & sorry & big ups to all the successful bloggers out there who do their shit everyday.
c x

*adriene is my yoga-lady. on youtube. sweet & super at sharing. her videos are brilliant. easy to follow and when i was looking for a out from some work stress i happened upon her vlog series & fell in a little bit in love with her bedtime yoga sequence.  that girl saved my head that night. (and johns because i was one crazed lady ready to lose her shit and cry a bit)
check out her videos here & do some stretchy shit in your living room. gives me the feels.

**image of sugar8s stuff by christopher currie photography. also known as GILL! + her husband chris. whaaaat. everyone is a pal.  we love pals.  lets all be pals.

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dusen dusen h o m e

dusen dusen

i am loving these sneaks of the new D U S E N  D U S E N  home collection .. i raved on about the clothing line … cool girl style in primary colours & heavy micro prints … back here. but home bits have my pinterest loving heart & i cannot wait for this line to launch in august….

dusen dusendusen dusendusen dusen

see more & read about the DUSEN DUSEN home collection over on SIGHT UNSEEN...
& follow on instagram for behind scenes sneak peeks & more of THAT DOG. wah.