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March 7, 2016

kindo kids boutique this is a kids boutique in mexico. if you can even begin to believe that.

K I N D O sells a collection of fashion forward original clothing for kiddos. and the store design is insanely amazing.  inspired by a didactic bead maze with a colour palette chosen to reflect the littles sense of playfulness and personality using pastels and neons and the simple geometric shapes + function of the classic learning toy.

the coloured tubes that wind through the space are used as clothing rails + the giant beads to display different accessories. the design concept is carried through to the packaging / stationery / shopping bags + such like. and i can’t believe what i’m seeing.

kindo kids boutique kindo kids boutique kindo kids boutique kindo kids boutique kindo kids boutique kindo kids boutique kindo kids boutique
design by ANAGRAMA.

[i can’t remember where i first saw this because once googled you will see it shared on SO MANY DESIGN BLOGS – and rightly so. crazy good.]

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wool and the gang

February 23, 2016

wool and the gangWOOL AND THE GANG have started a knitting revolution and i want to be a part of it.

i’ve been planning to take up knitting for about 10 years now… another of those things on my life to do list that i haven’t really got around to just yet (laid back earth mothers definitely knit right?!) but when i started following these guys last year – learning to knit (again) moved back up the list (again) . . .

wool and the gangpowered by makers all over the world – the WOOL AND THE GANG concept is amazing. designs can either be bought ready to wear or as a kit – including pattern, yarn + needles if needed. everything – everything – on the site can be MADE BY YOU or MADE BY THE GANG. materials are carefully sourced to reduce impact on our environment and nothing is mass produced. each item is handmade by either the original gang at WATG or amazingly by one of the 3000 odd knitters signed up to the network who buy the patterns + yarn on site + make from home – replacing the factory with a movement of makers to create a sustainable fashion brand.

Our knitting revolution is growing — our makers are involved in every step of our process from design and production through to passing on knitting skills at our Parties. Anyone can be a Gangsta — simply purchase a Kit and learn to knit, support a fellow Gangsta by buying their handmade pieces, or pass on your skills to others. Get involved, join the Maker Revolution and make a change!

wool and the gangwool and the gangwool and the gangwool and the gangwool and the gangwool and the gang

WOOL AND THE GANG inspires me massively.  the knits are beautiful – the range is vast (hats, scarfs, bags, jumpers, dresses, baby bits + more) and you can shop the knit kits by level – beginner through to advanced – by season or by yarn too. the blog is packed with how to videos, editorial fashion shoots, knitwear styling ideas and inspiration, behind the scenes, meet the makers, collaborations + a shit ton more. you can spend a long time exploring the website + i can’t tell you how much i appreciate the concept and thought behind this revolution.
i absolutely want to be part of the gang.

join a WATG party and get your knit on at DRYGATE in glasgow – find dates + info here

let’s know who made our clothes.

wool and the gangwool and the gang

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cinemas of india

January 31, 2016

cinemas of india

C I N E M A S of I N D I A  /  by german photographers sabine haubitz + stephanie zoche.

cinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of india


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laura spring / homewares

December 20, 2015

laura spring

the  mighty LAURA SPRING recently launched her new collection – and with that came a line of HOMEWARES. oh boy. i am best pleased.

expanding her existing collection of classics – lauras signature bold prints and bright colour ways (including fresh neon touches) are now available on a brilliant new array of beautiful functional kitchen accessories and decor items. MY FAVOURITE. plus those cleverly perfect wrist pouches above.

in a past post i spoke of lauras ‘friendly’ print series… namely tea towels called dave. and i am so merry to announce –  as well as more designs based on other lovely people in her life – you can now don a dave apron or wipe your christmas face/mess with a dave napkin too.

(the design below – in the ‘von’ print – is on #thebigkitchenlife wishlist. i’ll need it in 2016 when i become the amazing laid back big kitchen cooking earth-mother lady i seem to think i almost am but am not.)

the colour pattern textile wizard.
laura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springlaura springaprons + lampshades + napkins + cushions + notebooks + tea towels. purses + totes + pouches + backpacks  –  a perfect range of useful and beautiful household bits and accessories that will add a bump of colour & pattern in your home and on your person. i’d have one of those wrist pouches in every colour if i could.
very cool designs from a very stylish lady.

gift someone a laura spring piece. shop small. give something that has been thoughtfully designed and handmade to last. ethically too, with quality and functionality in mind. something for taking on missions and adventures. a helpful ‘friendly’ kitchen piece. a tea towel people will notice. a pencil case the other kids haven’t seen before. something to be used and kept for years and years. the collections are so collectable you could even add to it every year.

FREE SHIPPING still available on orders place today! (& special delivery up until Tues) see all of lauras designs (which have been featured in VOGUE & THE GUARDIAN this winter – just saying) over on her website.  

or if you are in Glasgow – crazy Christmas shopper – take a break from the high street & pop in to the tea green event at the lighthouse today and see Lauras goods in person!

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emily mcdowell studio

December 1, 2015

emily mcdowell

i believe in giving people the right card. these are SO GOOD.

E M I L Y  M C D O W E L L

honest & inspiring & often rude.  the empathy cards are brilliant. when you don’t know what to say – swear and tell the truth. shipping is only about a fiver from the site (bargain i say). but you can also find some designs in PAPERCHASE.

“emily mcdowell – chronicling the human condition since 1976”

emily mcdowell

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August 24, 2015



C U E R O & M O R

this lookbook. oh my days.

“Launched in 2014, Cuero and Mor is a brand that celebrates a commitment to beautiful and fully functioning essentials in it’s collection of leather accessory models. Each piece intimately hand crafted in Los Angeles.”

the spanish word for leather and the danish word for well done.

well done.

[see here]

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marcella x millichip

June 26, 2015

millichip x marcella

when cool cats get creative together . . THIS.
a collaboration between edinburgh fashion designer E M I L Y  M I L L I C H I P + glasgow risograph print studio & designer gabriella marcella of R I S O T T O  S T U D I O  to create this small batch of hand-tailored box-fit retro tops.  mixing millichips signature vibrant vintage style & marcellas bold colour heavy prints – with a different design for each month of the year..

marcella x millichipmarcella x millichip
a capsule collection of neon stripes + waves + eye-poppery.  it’s APRIL or JUNE for me please.

available here now.

– c x

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looking in / 3

June 6, 2015

mid century home tourmid century style homemid century style homeS U P E R  C O O L  H O M E.

built in 1955 by an architecture professor . . . that wood paneling + open plan layout ? ! JEEZ.

found on apartment therapy

really. oh my days. so cool.



May 10, 2015

abandoned love

blog break. life was full. a good thing is being busy. and i was/am. when i came back i found this:

a b a n d o n e d  l o v e

a series based on private thoughts and messages, by photographer and artist peyton fulford.

i like it a lot – c x


(found via IGNANT)



April 30, 2015


you know when you find something – a shop, a maker, an object – and you just think THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST OF THAT THING I HAVE  E V E R  SEEN – (and sometimes a wee bit  – i wish it was me who had thought of/made/opened/designed that) – and you get excited? well this was one of those times.

meet  R I S O T T O  S T U D I O.

this glasgow-based graphic designer (GLASGOW BASED! i’m telling you the best people live here) specialises in bold, brilliant risograph prints, paper goods & brochure/menu/poster design. every time i see a risotto post on facebook or instagram, i’m like oh man that is seriously the best kind of paper print design shit there is.

risotto studio

the full website itself is worth a pin. seriously, click on that + see.

gabriella marcella is the coolgirl behind risotto designs – a graphic artist who has exhibited internationally and worked for some major brands … see more of gabriellas work over here.
if i could somehow gift myself some graphic design talent . . . i’d want hers.

– c x