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henrietta harris

February 21, 2017

H E N R I E T T A  H A R R I S
 is an auckland based artist with a real way with faces. distorted + obscured portraits + misplaced faceless personalities.

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slow down studio

February 14, 2017

slow down studio

S L O W D O W N  S T U D I O

limited runs of 100% cotton woven blankets created in collaboration with handpicked artists and illustrators from around the world. the aim is to celebrate individuality + artistry by making small batches of super functional, versatile yet beautiful + unique pieces available to us  A L L  by the generous means of FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.
unreal. so good. let’s all buy blankets. shop here. you’re welcome.

read into each pattern + design on the slowdown studio website from makers such as fun fun colour mad print illustrators – french duo A T E L I E R   B I N G O  .. heads up > instagram fodder at it’s colourful splashy best.

long may it last this era of creative bonhomie in life business + art.


agnes martin

October 12, 2016

agnes martin artistagnes martin artistagnes martin artistagnes martin artistagnes martin artistAGNES MARTIN
minimal / abstract / expressive.
lines + grids in subtle washed out colours + tones.
an artist with a real compelling story you can read about in this article.


robert montgomery

August 11, 2016

robert montgomery

R O B E R T   M O N T G O M E R Y


see more of this mans incredible powerful + moving light poems + billboards here.
a scottish artist + poet who’s work first stirred me after seeing this article on he + the power of public poetry.


cristina coral

August 7, 2016

C R I S T I N A   C O R A L  >  inside/outside

cristina coral photographercristina coral photographercristina coral photographer2016-08-04_0001cristina coral photographercristina coral photographer

those colours…

see more of her work here.


inflated / deflated

March 1, 2016

inflated deflatedblown up > written on > let down.
I N F L A T E D / D E F L A T E D
an art project by 3 girls from chicago.

inflated deflatedinflated deflatedinflated deflatedinflated deflated
these saggy balloons speak to me.
see more here.

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cinemas of india

January 31, 2016

cinemas of india

C I N E M A S of I N D I A  /  by german photographers sabine haubitz + stephanie zoche.

cinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of india


art - wear

paloma wool

January 18, 2016

paloma wool

i first read about PALOMA WOOL here last year.
in that interview with freunde von freunden, paloma talks about her approach and how this project came to be. its an inspiring read. i knew that this was not just another clothing line.
paloma lannas designs are made in small batch limited edition collections centred around the idea of artist collaboration, experimenting and expression.
gathering together her design aspirations and ideas with her love of photography and other artists work, paloma shoots the lookbooks herself – on analogue – decidedly creating imagery as important as the clothing itself.
if this was an instagram post i would be using the # youmoveme.

P A L O M A  W O O L 
“this project is about getting dressed and about space or ideas that are created around the act of getting dressed.”

paloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolbased in barcelona paloma cuts out the middlemen and keeps her thoughtful well made pieces affordable by selling exclusively online. the latest line – collection no.5 – was created alongside an illustrator and 8 different ceramic artists who interpreted the drawings made to bring each piece to life.

on my wish list : the ramen coat / the mauricio dress / the souvenir ii tshirt / & the palma ii top



stella maria baer

January 12, 2016

stella marie baer

i can’t get enough of STELLA MARIA BAERs instagram feed.
an artist – photographer and painter – exploring “the mythology of the desert and the cosmology of space” with watercolours & photographs of ethereal seeming land and planet scapes. calm + evocative. there’s something about the sense of space in this artists paintings and images, the vastness of the desert, of the earth, that i find grounding. almost magical? reminding me that the world is wise.
i think her work is beautiful. definitely one of my favourite happen-upons of 2015.

stellamariebaerstellamariebaer8stella marie baerstellamariebaerstella marie baerstella mariebaer7stella marie baerstella marie baer

the laid back earth mother that I’m sure is in me wants to fill our home with all of them.
i’m sure i don’t need to say this but THOSE COLOURS.
follow stella maria baer on instagram. it’s a beautiful place to scroll.

[all images from the artists website]


painted bus stops

December 21, 2015

bus stops in belarus.

in a series called ‘it must be beautiful’ photographer alexandra soldatova shares pictures of painted bus shelters in her home country of belarus. created by unknown artists for the sole purpose of beautifying empty landscapes…

2015-12-19_00062015-12-19_0002 2015-12-19_00032015-12-19_0005 2015-12-19_0004
i don’t know how this makes me feel. calm? hopeful? i love that no one takes credit for their paintings. like an anonymous gift.

see the full collection on IGNANT.