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caves collect

July 30, 2016

caves collect

on the W E A R wish list  //  C A V E S  C O L L E C T  

everything i like about fashion is this brand. dungaree style throw ons braces buttons and shirts. + simple quality leather goods. easy wearing versatile pieces designed and handcrafted with sustainability + quality at the heart.

Caves Collect believe in producing quality products which are built to last.  Subscribing to a slow fashion mentality, believing that both clothing and leather products can be produced and consumed thoughtfully. 

choosing to grow the label slowly – mindfully – the girls behind this dream brand johanna + sarah keep the bi-annual collections small + currently only sell from their online shop – producing each piece to order. i feel like i’m always finding these makers + designers i fall in love with and surely they end up being from places far from here leaving me to either moan and spend the night pinning each perfect item to a board named I WANT or to bite the possibly unjustifiable-shopping bullet and spend the extra monies on crazy international delivery because hey – if you love something right? but no joke – this melbourne based design duo offer FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING. a rare wonderful thing – no excuses necessary. f*yes.

the street style photography used to showcase each collection makes me love this label more. clothes being lived in. sun scorch + blur.

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favourite pieces from the recent A/W collection + the S/S archives (some of which can still be made to order on request…. YES)


these days | 2

July 21, 2016

berta bernad / paloma wool

these days .. my life looks this picture series less well dressed. right now and most days i’m leaning sitting stretching staring mulling days away while i preparingly ponder the future. in between bursts of crazy coffee + my life is my oyster fuelled proactivity.
and watching sons of anarchy…

so i finally decided to come back here.  it’s been months. july is flying and here’s how i’ve spent it so far.

trying /  to adjust to working way less without dissolving into a duvet on the sofa watching sons of anarchy every night as mentioned. i’ve cut down on work and now have time. so i’m trying trying to make that time count fill my days + nail #theartofslowliving + #2016. in real life.
reading /  the god of small things by arundhati roy – a gift from a dear mama friend.
eating /  fridge scrap egg fried rice. all the getting old veg fried up real nice with rice. covered in sriracha.
drinking  lemon water. EVERY DAY. i’ve replaced morning tea with a warm water + lemon. the change i feel + see is unreal. if you’ve seen my face and you can’t see the difference shut up. i am so sure it’s changed my life a little.
wearing / those birkenstocks. they’ve not left my feet.
planning / our CANADA holiday – in september we fly to our best pal in whistler. i’m so excited to see her face + her beautiful mountain town. we’re all taking a trip down to portland for a few days while we are there too. it’s johns first ever long haul flight so the holiday planning so far consists of me tying to convince him that big planes are brilliant + distracting him with chat of canada dinner plans.
practising / drawing. all the young nudes started classes at a local bar + the first one was great. i always loved drawing and can’t wait to make time for it again. feels very indulgent.
listening / to my slow day playlist on spotify daily. + for kitchen parties it’s been hamish imlach on record.
learning / diy tricks. i just finished resealing our bathtub and i feel pretty mighty. the list of new flat diys is long. I’m going to tackle as many solo as i can since i have the time + when john gets some time off we can do the big guys together.
remembering / not to sweat the small stuff + lose it at john when he’s working 80 hour weeks and my life is now a breeze in comparison.
working / on plans for our HUGE LIFE GOAL which we are now almost in the process of making happen. project OUR LIFE began this month and i can’t wait to get things moving. here’s hoping we do. the time is now right?!
(it’s not a baby)

perfect images by BERTA BERNAD. and read more on the amazing PALOMA WOOL here.

i’ll be back soon. that’s a promise. to myself.