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April 18, 2016



it may have been snowing the other day .. but the sun is coming out in albeit tiny waves and so easy spring summer dressing time is coming up and I AM READY. my wardrobe doesn’t vary much by season. much like my home style doesn’t vary much by room. but come less-chilly season – sandals are for er’day so i do like the warmer-even-slightly weather for this reason if not all the sun time beers.
(im also on the hunt for a new light coat much like yon there that the girl in the hat in socks is wearing. i cant tell you how much i like that coat. but anyway)


i loved this comfy sandal-shoe all through teenage life. and i won’t stop now. just try and divorce me for it john. who would pick the vegetables out of the washing machine if i wasn’t here huh? EXACTLY.

gill nails her birkenstocks like the girl top left with her shiny rose golds + im aiming for top-middle girl or – sorry john – girl in dream coat + socks. i don’t care what he says about the socks.

i’d also crap my pants over a pair of these but for SOME REASON they have been discontinued. theres a wailing emoji if ever i’ve used one.

here’s to sandals + spring summer easy mornings throwing on 4 things instead of 10.

images from pinterest / urban outfitters / career girl daily / sunrainey