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March 31, 2016

bathroom inspiration

we’re doing up our bathroom – nothing crazy, a new floor + new taps, that kind of thing – we’re going to get as close to a toilet dream as early 2016 monies will allow – a light filled plant heavy wooden accented space where i will bathe long and moisturise deeply. as earth mothers do. surrounded by greenery and burning insence sticks on imperfect stone dishes..

#thebigkitchenlife is ours. now on to achieving #thepeacefulbohobathroomlife.

bathroom inspirationbathroom inspirationbathroom inspiration bathroom inspirationbathroom inspirationbathroom inspiration
i definitely have a coherent dream-house vibe across the (pinterest) board. my style doesn’t differ by room. although we sometimes chat about painting a dark bedroom – deep midnight or charcoal walls + french linen and blankets in grey + sooty sheepskins + towering plants – but moody nordic feels a bit adult for now. my love of light+bright stays strong.

so we’re going with blue and white patterned floor tiles. keeping the existing white shower tile & white-washed wood panelled walls + adding some hooks and shelf for more plants. new taps and a new shower with power to wash all of the coffee scrubs & other earth mothery natural products i plan to buy for this life of slow living we don’t yet lead.

+ (because this is sure to complete #thepeacefulbohobathroomlife i we dream of) a woodworking friend is making us a bath shelf from beautiful off cuts of fallen tree* – the most exciting item planned since the open shelf project.

#thebigkitchenlife just keeps on giving.

i will share it all when we get round to the do. though when it comes to doing we go pretty slow. and i. don’t. mind.

[images via apartment therapy / design sponge / regardsetmaisons / Emily Katz / IKEA / dwell]

*fallen tree workshop – two talented friends of mine from school days started hand carving home accessories from bits of fallen forest – and have grown now to designing and building custom pieces and full interiors. a hobby > a career. inspiring right? read their full story here & follow on instagram for behind the scenes stories & current projects. so happy to still have these two pals in my life. fist bump emoji x5.


muse | 1

March 22, 2016

jeanne damas

dressing that simply and looking that cool is just not that easy.

jeanne damas jeanne damasjeanne damasjeanne damas jeanne damas jeanne damas jeanne damas


all images found via pinterest.



March 7, 2016

kindo kids boutique this is a kids boutique in mexico. if you can even begin to believe that.

K I N D O sells a collection of fashion forward original clothing for kiddos. and the store design is insanely amazing.  inspired by a didactic bead maze with a colour palette chosen to reflect the littles sense of playfulness and personality using pastels and neons and the simple geometric shapes + function of the classic learning toy.

the coloured tubes that wind through the space are used as clothing rails + the giant beads to display different accessories. the design concept is carried through to the packaging / stationery / shopping bags + such like. and i can’t believe what i’m seeing.

kindo kids boutique kindo kids boutique kindo kids boutique kindo kids boutique kindo kids boutique kindo kids boutique kindo kids boutique
design by ANAGRAMA.

[i can’t remember where i first saw this because once googled you will see it shared on SO MANY DESIGN BLOGS – and rightly so. crazy good.]


me + the blue knit top

knit top 70ssheepskin types and knits with the 70s feels – GIMME.

since i’m joining the knitting revolution im sure i am soon going to be able to make my own clothes …  + maybe one day i’ll have the know how and yarn power to make something like the blue knit top.

knitted topknit top 70s

if at some point this year i can knit even a scarf + play one full tune on the ukelele (WELL) – i am winning 2016.

crazy note | the blue knit top is from river island. i was as shocked as you might be.