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gills DIY face mask

February 28, 2016

DIY facemask

GILLS BACK + sharing a make your own super organic natural face mask fandango!
It’s a funny old February. A bit of a down time for me work wise which means all the DIY, all the lists and action planning for all the hectic times to come. It does mean we get a little too holiday mode, catching up with pals (ie boozing) & eating far-too-early-bought creme eggs on the sofa resulting in a bit too many blemishes and some dry skin thanks to blasting the heating. Making for a classically hard to treat skin combo. It feels weird wearing loads of makeup this time of year when I’m supposed to be a clean, new me y’know so I’m lusting after that dewy no make up look which needs bright & clear skin.

I had a wee Google and ended up down a face treatments rabbit hole – organic, active ingredients, not tested on animals the hit list of things your product should be to achieve said glowy skin gets pretty intensive. Forgetting that really I have all the finest, organic ingredients in the kitchen and really I can make my own artisanal face mask. Man I can even put it in a fancy jar if I want to.

Having worked in Lush as a teenager and having a strange fancy for George of marvellous medicine namesake I’ve always loved tinkering and home brewing and chucking things in a pot. Something that has in fact fed over to my “use ALL the seasoning” style of cooking which makes all my food taste the same. (Mostly soy sauce & lekka spice) So I concocted a twist on the old favourite honey mask to make my face bonny again.

In a bowl:
/ 1tsp Honey – moisturising, soothing, naturally antibacterial & full of antioxidants
/ 1tsp Virgin Coconut oil – moisturising & also just coconut oil for everything really.
/ Egg yolk – nourishing and helps everything stick to your face
/ Sweet clem (or something orangey) – this is the glowy ingredient – it’s brightening and cleansing naturally so the perfect balance for the moisty oil.

Instructions are:
Put on face, try not to get on your top and all over your sink – try & resist not licking it. (Not sure if I should be encouraging you to eat raw egg) I use warm water & a good face cloth to scrub off, a splash of cold water then plenty moisturiser or serum etc. I like to finish with kiehls midnight recovery oil.

Ps – you can also use the egg whites after to tighten pores and make your face feel all tight – it’s weird but good – G x

// dewy healthy glowy skin – GIMME. c x

[image from the coveteur via pinterest]

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