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gills DIY face mask

February 28, 2016

DIY facemask

GILLS BACK + sharing a make your own super organic natural face mask fandango!
It’s a funny old February. A bit of a down time for me work wise which means all the DIY, all the lists and action planning for all the hectic times to come. It does mean we get a little too holiday mode, catching up with pals (ie boozing) & eating far-too-early-bought creme eggs on the sofa resulting in a bit too many blemishes and some dry skin thanks to blasting the heating. Making for a classically hard to treat skin combo. It feels weird wearing loads of makeup this time of year when I’m supposed to be a clean, new me y’know so I’m lusting after that dewy no make up look which needs bright & clear skin.

I had a wee Google and ended up down a face treatments rabbit hole – organic, active ingredients, not tested on animals the hit list of things your product should be to achieve said glowy skin gets pretty intensive. Forgetting that really I have all the finest, organic ingredients in the kitchen and really I can make my own artisanal face mask. Man I can even put it in a fancy jar if I want to.

Having worked in Lush as a teenager and having a strange fancy for George of marvellous medicine namesake I’ve always loved tinkering and home brewing and chucking things in a pot. Something that has in fact fed over to my “use ALL the seasoning” style of cooking which makes all my food taste the same. (Mostly soy sauce & lekka spice) So I concocted a twist on the old favourite honey mask to make my face bonny again.

In a bowl:
/ 1tsp Honey – moisturising, soothing, naturally antibacterial & full of antioxidants
/ 1tsp Virgin Coconut oil – moisturising & also just coconut oil for everything really.
/ Egg yolk – nourishing and helps everything stick to your face
/ Sweet clem (or something orangey) – this is the glowy ingredient – it’s brightening and cleansing naturally so the perfect balance for the moisty oil.

Instructions are:
Put on face, try not to get on your top and all over your sink – try & resist not licking it. (Not sure if I should be encouraging you to eat raw egg) I use warm water & a good face cloth to scrub off, a splash of cold water then plenty moisturiser or serum etc. I like to finish with kiehls midnight recovery oil.

Ps – you can also use the egg whites after to tighten pores and make your face feel all tight – it’s weird but good – G x

// dewy healthy glowy skin – GIMME. c x

[image from the coveteur via pinterest]

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wool and the gang

February 23, 2016

wool and the gangWOOL AND THE GANG have started a knitting revolution and i want to be a part of it.

i’ve been planning to take up knitting for about 10 years now… another of those things on my life to do list that i haven’t really got around to just yet (laid back earth mothers definitely knit right?!) but when i started following these guys last year – learning to knit (again) moved back up the list (again) . . .

wool and the gangpowered by makers all over the world – the WOOL AND THE GANG concept is amazing. designs can either be bought ready to wear or as a kit – including pattern, yarn + needles if needed. everything – everything – on the site can be MADE BY YOU or MADE BY THE GANG. materials are carefully sourced to reduce impact on our environment and nothing is mass produced. each item is handmade by either the original gang at WATG or amazingly by one of the 3000 odd knitters signed up to the network who buy the patterns + yarn on site + make from home – replacing the factory with a movement of makers to create a sustainable fashion brand.

Our knitting revolution is growing — our makers are involved in every step of our process from design and production through to passing on knitting skills at our Parties. Anyone can be a Gangsta — simply purchase a Kit and learn to knit, support a fellow Gangsta by buying their handmade pieces, or pass on your skills to others. Get involved, join the Maker Revolution and make a change!

wool and the gangwool and the gangwool and the gangwool and the gangwool and the gangwool and the gang

WOOL AND THE GANG inspires me massively.  the knits are beautiful – the range is vast (hats, scarfs, bags, jumpers, dresses, baby bits + more) and you can shop the knit kits by level – beginner through to advanced – by season or by yarn too. the blog is packed with how to videos, editorial fashion shoots, knitwear styling ideas and inspiration, behind the scenes, meet the makers, collaborations + a shit ton more. you can spend a long time exploring the website + i can’t tell you how much i appreciate the concept and thought behind this revolution.
i absolutely want to be part of the gang.

join a WATG party and get your knit on at DRYGATE in glasgow – find dates + info here

let’s know who made our clothes.

wool and the gangwool and the gang


heroes / indiana jones

February 22, 2016

indiana jones
indy  is  was my childhood hero* and on saturday night i went to a special 35th anniversary screening of indiana jones : raiders of the lost ark in kelvingrove art gallery – a MUSEUM.
words. can’t. (i’d be having an emoji shit-fit on here if this was a phone)

lets all just take a minute to appreciate harrison ford please.

harrison fordharrison ford
you’re welcome.

+ thank you glasgow film festival. a highlight of my glasgow life so far. true.

*childhood hero no.2 : john mclean. more on him another time.


the future kept

February 16, 2016

the future kept

“The Future Kept is an online purveyor of well designed, durable, meticulously chosen goods for you to cherish and keep. 

Nestled on the south coast of England, we design and carefully source items from independent designers, makers, artisans and entrepreneurs who are creating products that are better for our world, becoming part of your life story, forming an intimacy between you and your belongings. “

T H E  F U T U R E  K E P T was one of the first shops i chose to share here just over a year ago. and is one of my favourite online spaces still. i can’t tell you how much i appreciate the work and thought that goes into this beautiful website. from the mindful curation of products to the thoughtful styling of each item. i always take time to gander the newsletter jeska & dean email out to celebrate new product releases and inspire gift ideas – a rare thing – and the instagram feed is a dream of slow-living adventures & inspiration.

on my wish list for long, slow days in #thebigkitchenlife reading books under blankets & drinking tea playing cards :

//  hand mixed egyptian mint + eucalyptus bath salts
//  fat + the moon all natural all cream
//  lambswool wrist warmers (to give my ever-worn hilary grant mitts a break)
//  aphrodite organic facial oil
//  hand thrown ceramic mountain mug
//  washable paper uashmama carry bag / grey
//  detox herbal tea
//  100% wool blanket / grey
//  ceramic incense dish

if you haven’t already – go for a look on the website + read all about jeska and deans process – the goal – and the adventure they are on with the future kept. if you like what i like.. you’ll like it there.
they want to inspire. and they absolutely do.

be mindful. buy less. buy better.