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January 22, 2016

pinterest inspiration

these days i’ve been pinning (and instagramming coincidentally?!) a lot of these colours and hashtagging youmoveme.

i’ve also been :

trying / to be all 2016 and mindful.
reading / disclaimer by renee knight (V.V.V quick twisty enjoyable read) + a brief history of seven killings by marlon james (which I’m finding a bit tricky to be honest and keep putting down. reading in a jamaican accent doesn’t seem to be my strong point. but i’m persevering)
eating / OMELETTES. a lot of omelettes. taking the anna jones approach – stuffing them full of good stuff – and feeling healthy for it. the options are endless. spicy carrot mint + nut types win. WITH SRIRACHA.
drinking / water. because its 2016 and i’m being mindful and healthy.
practising / yoga. with the help of adriene. what a doll.
listening / to a backlog of desert island discs. so good. i love other peoples stories. and music. hours pass and i am absolutely fine with that this year.
wearing / old jeans and big jumpers mostly.
learning / the ukelele. again. this time there’s no stopping me. almost.
planning / more gatherings and the first of our DIYs and decorating in #thebigkitchenlife – watch out IKEA. (and please fuck off made.com & habitat. i cannot keep affording new lamps)
remembering / to drink water and be mindful. it’s 2016.
working / less and doing more. this year i’m giving up a job and focusing on another alongside my own projects. and i feel good.

i don’t make resolutions. and NEVER try to cut anything out or give something up. but i love january. it started a bit fast and i hit a sofa-wall at one point but.. i love the beginnings. and i always start a year trying.
i hope you are enjoying the new year potential and january to do list making. it’s a good time to just try.

[all images from my pinterest – please click through for links to individual tumblrs and such!]

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