stella maria baer

January 12, 2016

stella marie baer

i can’t get enough of STELLA MARIA BAERs instagram feed.
an artist – photographer and painter – exploring “the mythology of the desert and the cosmology of space” with watercolours & photographs of ethereal seeming land and planet scapes. calm + evocative. there’s something about the sense of space in this artists paintings and images, the vastness of the desert, of the earth, that i find grounding. almost magical? reminding me that the world is wise.
i think her work is beautiful. definitely one of my favourite happen-upons of 2015.

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the laid back earth mother that I’m sure is in me wants to fill our home with all of them.
i’m sure i don’t need to say this but THOSE COLOURS.
follow stella maria baer on instagram. it’s a beautiful place to scroll.

[all images from the artists website]

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