new year.

January 7, 2016

anja niemi

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! i love it. the potential. the go get em. the ideas. and the new note pads.

howeverrrrrrr we’re on day 6 (right?) and i’m accidentally still in a perpetual state of festive limbo. we didn’t take the tree down the day we planned to and are now stuck with it. as if we missed the clear away christmas boat. and we decided that this year we should see our friends more – which so far has been successful – which means the clean house/mind/big kitchen promise of 2016 has been so far unsuccessful. i’m still unsure what day it is. and the rest.

monday was like powpowpow. super early office power day. super tidy home. yoga. healthy dinner happy cooking. drinking lots of water. bam. calm cool earth mother vibes. 2016 was on.  tuesday? another super work day. tidy home. dinner party in big kitchen with old friends. not quite yoga but stretching. drinking lots of water. tick tick. tick. nailing it. wednesday? work. nap. dinner party in big kitchen with friends and new friends. wine. messy home. half the night slept on the sofa fully dressed.
today. work. heavy post small party messy home – ignored. post-work work – ignored. to do list of super 2016 stuff to do on thursday – ignored. drank no water. no yoga. sitting on sofa – 4 hours now – waiting on husband coming home with a curry to binge watch the rest of making a murderer. not even bothered if i sleep on the sofa.

update. we’ve just decided during a quick what-curry phone call that the new year starts on monday 11th now. with prep to begin on the weekend.
i feel more hopeful than i did at the start of this post.

usual excited new year plans goals and sharing of good things to follow. soon!

image by ANJA NIEMI – i love love love her style.

to note : since I’m not shopping for pleasure only this year – wailing emoji – .. i’m going to blame it on my lack of urban outfitters 70s style tshirts which I’m pretty sure i should definitely be expanding my collection with while they are in the sale to go with the cool chilled attitude and easy going jane birkin-esque look i plan to develop over the year. just saying john.

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