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cinemas of india

January 31, 2016

cinemas of india

C I N E M A S of I N D I A  /  by german photographers sabine haubitz + stephanie zoche.

cinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of indiacinemas of india



alison macleod

January 28, 2016

alison macleod

ALISON MACLEOD was one of the first talented friends i chose to share with you when i started this blog last year – and i am pretty sure i will want to share every single collection she creates and every lookbook she ever shoots with caro weiss photography for as long as i have this space..

alisons delicate designs are inspired by the art of collecting things – all of her pieces like treasures. beautiful trinkets to wear and cherish over years. intricate fine little objects to keep and become attached to and maybe pass down to someone later in life. the kind of jewellery you can wear every day – charming and demure – but when you do take it off, is kept in some kind of wonderful little open box or dangled displayed on a table alongside other collected curios in your home.

the tiny catkin necklet in gold is the daintiest beautiful thing on my wish list this year (and lasts) and i patiently – tolerantly – wait for the day that the husband and alison have that conversation ..
alison macleodalison macleodalison macleodalison macleodalison macleodalison macleodalison macleodalison macleodalison macleodalison macleodalison macleodalison macleodalison macleod

read more about alison back in my first post and see & shop the full collection on her lovely website here.


these days | 1

January 22, 2016

pinterest inspiration

these days i’ve been pinning (and instagramming coincidentally?!) a lot of these colours and hashtagging youmoveme.

i’ve also been :

trying / to be all 2016 and mindful.
reading / disclaimer by renee knight (V.V.V quick twisty enjoyable read) + a brief history of seven killings by marlon james (which I’m finding a bit tricky to be honest and keep putting down. reading in a jamaican accent doesn’t seem to be my strong point. but i’m persevering)
eating / OMELETTES. a lot of omelettes. taking the anna jones approach – stuffing them full of good stuff – and feeling healthy for it. the options are endless. spicy carrot mint + nut types win. WITH SRIRACHA.
drinking / water. because its 2016 and i’m being mindful and healthy.
practising / yoga. with the help of adriene. what a doll.
listening / to a backlog of desert island discs. so good. i love other peoples stories. and music. hours pass and i am absolutely fine with that this year.
wearing / old jeans and big jumpers mostly.
learning / the ukelele. again. this time there’s no stopping me. almost.
planning / more gatherings and the first of our DIYs and decorating in #thebigkitchenlife – watch out IKEA. (and please fuck off & habitat. i cannot keep affording new lamps)
remembering / to drink water and be mindful. it’s 2016.
working / less and doing more. this year i’m giving up a job and focusing on another alongside my own projects. and i feel good.

i don’t make resolutions. and NEVER try to cut anything out or give something up. but i love january. it started a bit fast and i hit a sofa-wall at one point but.. i love the beginnings. and i always start a year trying.
i hope you are enjoying the new year potential and january to do list making. it’s a good time to just try.

[all images from my pinterest – please click through for links to individual tumblrs and such!]


darcy the hedgehog

darcy the hedgehog

for no other reason than C U T E. and it’s friday.
which for once in my life means less work for a couple of days*

D A R C Y  the hedgehog / by owner, shota tsukamoto / via ignant


*more on the exciting 2016 plans soon.


looking in | 5

January 19, 2016

emily katzthe home of macrame artist E M I L Y  K A T Z.
emily katzemily katzemily katzemily katzemily katzemily katzemily katzemily katzemily katzemily katz

emily katz instagram feed is a bohemian dream land of home inspiration. THE LIVING ROOM.

images from urban outfitters blog / emilys website / + emily hendersons post on the new bohemians’ book by justina blakeney

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paloma wool

January 18, 2016

paloma wool

i first read about PALOMA WOOL here last year.
in that interview with freunde von freunden, paloma talks about her approach and how this project came to be. its an inspiring read. i knew that this was not just another clothing line.
paloma lannas designs are made in small batch limited edition collections centred around the idea of artist collaboration, experimenting and expression.
gathering together her design aspirations and ideas with her love of photography and other artists work, paloma shoots the lookbooks herself – on analogue – decidedly creating imagery as important as the clothing itself.
if this was an instagram post i would be using the # youmoveme.

P A L O M A  W O O L 
“this project is about getting dressed and about space or ideas that are created around the act of getting dressed.”

paloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolpaloma woolbased in barcelona paloma cuts out the middlemen and keeps her thoughtful well made pieces affordable by selling exclusively online. the latest line – collection no.5 – was created alongside an illustrator and 8 different ceramic artists who interpreted the drawings made to bring each piece to life.

on my wish list : the ramen coat / the mauricio dress / the souvenir ii tshirt / & the palma ii top



stella maria baer

January 12, 2016

stella marie baer

i can’t get enough of STELLA MARIA BAERs instagram feed.
an artist – photographer and painter – exploring “the mythology of the desert and the cosmology of space” with watercolours & photographs of ethereal seeming land and planet scapes. calm + evocative. there’s something about the sense of space in this artists paintings and images, the vastness of the desert, of the earth, that i find grounding. almost magical? reminding me that the world is wise.
i think her work is beautiful. definitely one of my favourite happen-upons of 2015.

stellamariebaerstellamariebaer8stella marie baerstellamariebaerstella marie baerstella mariebaer7stella marie baerstella marie baer

the laid back earth mother that I’m sure is in me wants to fill our home with all of them.
i’m sure i don’t need to say this but THOSE COLOURS.
follow stella maria baer on instagram. it’s a beautiful place to scroll.

[all images from the artists website]


heroes / david bowie

January 11, 2016

david bowie


filling our house with his music today.

david bowiedavid bowie2016-01-11_0006david bowiedavid bowie2016-01-11_0007David Bowie
there’s a star man waiting in the sky.. he thinks he’d blow our minds.
he did.


new year.

January 7, 2016

anja niemi

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! i love it. the potential. the go get em. the ideas. and the new note pads.

howeverrrrrrr we’re on day 6 (right?) and i’m accidentally still in a perpetual state of festive limbo. we didn’t take the tree down the day we planned to and are now stuck with it. as if we missed the clear away christmas boat. and we decided that this year we should see our friends more – which so far has been successful – which means the clean house/mind/big kitchen promise of 2016 has been so far unsuccessful. i’m still unsure what day it is. and the rest.

monday was like powpowpow. super early office power day. super tidy home. yoga. healthy dinner happy cooking. drinking lots of water. bam. calm cool earth mother vibes. 2016 was on.  tuesday? another super work day. tidy home. dinner party in big kitchen with old friends. not quite yoga but stretching. drinking lots of water. tick tick. tick. nailing it. wednesday? work. nap. dinner party in big kitchen with friends and new friends. wine. messy home. half the night slept on the sofa fully dressed.
today. work. heavy post small party messy home – ignored. post-work work – ignored. to do list of super 2016 stuff to do on thursday – ignored. drank no water. no yoga. sitting on sofa – 4 hours now – waiting on husband coming home with a curry to binge watch the rest of making a murderer. not even bothered if i sleep on the sofa.

update. we’ve just decided during a quick what-curry phone call that the new year starts on monday 11th now. with prep to begin on the weekend.
i feel more hopeful than i did at the start of this post.

usual excited new year plans goals and sharing of good things to follow. soon!

image by ANJA NIEMI – i love love love her style.

to note : since I’m not shopping for pleasure only this year – wailing emoji – .. i’m going to blame it on my lack of urban outfitters 70s style tshirts which I’m pretty sure i should definitely be expanding my collection with while they are in the sale to go with the cool chilled attitude and easy going jane birkin-esque look i plan to develop over the year. just saying john.