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hilary grant knitwear

December 7, 2015

hilary grant knitwear

winter is my favourite season. i love the cold dark days – layers and lamps, candles and blankets, pubs and pints. being cold – and more often than not soaked – and then getting warm. never appreciating being cosy more than if you have been outside in a wet winter. the rush to get in from the weather and take your sog off turn the heating on and put on an oversized jumper and thick socks. warm sweetened whiskys or chocolatey stouts. roasting hot tea. reading books under blankets. cooking and steaming up windows. realising that although its been dark for hours.. it’s only 7oclock and you have the whole night to spend. i get very nostalgic in winter.
then there’s the rush to get out into the most beautiful of days –  a crispy winter sun one –  putting on all of the layers, boots and hats, and bundling outside for a walk and into an old comfy pub (never a bar) feeling festive and merry and warm.

HILARY GRANT KNITWEAR is all about those feelings. staple winter accessories with a nod to classic shapes and craftsmanship. blankets that could easily become heirlooms. modern, yet almost traditional nostalgic pattern designs and subtle wide-ranging colour ways. this is the kind of knitwear that you keep for a long time. and cherish. the kind of things you look after.  handcrafted from the softest lambswool and designed with durability in mind – hilary, based in the highlands of scotland, wholeheartedly believes in making pieces that last. winter after winter.

we complain about the weather in this country so often, but i feel very lucky to need such beautiful practical pieces in my wardrobe all year round. especially when they look like hilarys autumn/winter collection..
hilary grant knitwearhilary grant knitwearhilary grant knitwearhilary grant knitwearhilary granthilary grant knitwearhilary grant knitwearhilary grant knitwearhilary grant knitwearhilary granthilary grant knitwearhilary grant knitwearhilary granthilary grant knitwearhilary grant knitwear
any of these accessories would make a special gift this festive season. trendy yet classic. super wearable but with personality and style. and so importantly in this throwaway culture we’ve created – handcrafted in scotland by a young talented designer who believes that everyday items should still be beautifully made. and made to last.

GO. check out hilarys beautiful website and give someone – maybe you? – a bit of woolly joy this winter. and if you are in Glasgow – come along to the grey wolf studio sale this thursday and hand pick from the hilary grant a/w collection in person. good luck choosing a favourite….

[all images by the ever talented CARO WEISS. fun fact 6: caros most used word? douchebag.]

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