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gift list 2 / kitchen colour

December 15, 2015

kitchen gift guide

cake & biscuit tins by hemingway design  /  unique and unity

tea towel  /  laura spring

oven dish by bisotti home  /  unique and unity

i know how to cook by ginette mathiot

mug by de terra  /  unique and unity

cake stand  /  howkapow

chocolate bars by arthouse meath*  /  unique and unity

i don’t think we have the most distinct kitchen style. my love of kitchen bits is almost confused. i want all of the bright colours and heavy patterns. AND any and every imperfect-perfect natural, ceramic or stone piece. so I buy them all. its a miss mash of beautiful messes and muddled objects in #thebigkitchenlife. and it works. for me …

but i’ve narrowed things down for a list easier on the eye. i know not everyone likes a mess. even a beautiful one.

shopping for our home is (in the words of John torrode) a lovely lovely thing. and receiving a house gift – something i wouldn’t have bought myself, or couldn’t afford, have never seen before or a piece that has been given to last a long long time (sentimental again i know – i cried looking at johns few grey hairs the other day.. it’s a very romantic idea this big kitchen life with a husband getting older with me in it) gifts like those – where did you get that tin? ah we were given it back in 2015. it has seen many a biscuit/Christmas/kitchen – gifts like those are perfect.

a basket of bits or a bundle of tea towels. an oven dish or a collection of spoons.


the above are some of my favourite more colourful ones. (and a beautiful chocolate bar with a great story behind it the packaging)


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