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giftlist 1 / the kiddos

November 25, 2015

giftlist for the kiddos
knitted guy by lucky boy sunday / THE PIPPA and IKE SHOW

up my street by louise lockhart / THE PRINTED PEANUT

box of colour by pantone / SCOUT and CO KIDS

capybara beanbag by donna wilson / TEA and KATE

oh, if i were prime minister book / VIOLET and PERCY

how to catch a star print by OLIVER JEFFERS

nesting animals by wee gallery / QUINCE LIVING


merry almost-december to all. shopping for kiddos is such a treat. every year i spend a huge chunk of the festive sitting on the floor in waterstones picking out books for the little kids in my life and, from the sofa with a baileys trying to narrow down the massive list of beautiful babin bits i’ve found and bookmarked online throughout the year before a small fortune is spent and i have no monies left for cheese.  we must keep money for cheese.

another chunk of festive shopping is spent merrily stressing about ‘the pyjama tradition’
something i started with two of my nieces years ago… and now is of upmost importance should christmas BE christmas … serious stuff. i buy their xmas eve pyjamas. it is the first present they open EVERY YEAR. if i am not there to witness the opening and changing into The Pjs – we facetime. its kind of a big deal. but every year i can’t decide on the right pyjama. and if i do happen to find them in good time – they are out of stock or the sizes are wrong.  because THEY MUST HAVE MATCHING ONES. and they are not the same age. my idea. good at the time because they were both wee people and super cute – now they are older (one almost IN HIGH SCHOOL *eye-covering monkey emoji*) and it’s a bit tricky. they are less cute, more… cooler than me. TOUGH CROWD.

i’ll keep you posted.


looking in / 4

November 24, 2015

interior inspirationinterior inspirationinterior inspirationinterior inspirationinterior inspirationinterior inspirationinterior inspirationinterior inspirationlooking in
looking in to photographer leslie williamsons home via FvonF.

the light. the warmth in the wood panelling. all of the chairs.

looking at other peoples homes has long been one of my favourite past times.  how people choose to use a space. what art they own. where it’s placed. the objects they keep. the colour palettes they choose. there is no better interior inspiration for me. and yet never any home is completely perfect for you – because a home is only a home when you make it your own. and i am thoroughly enjoying making home in our big kitchen life.

still shelfless. still messy. still a dream.

styled - wear

w i l d f o x

November 14, 2015


O H  M Y  D A Y S

when i found this brand (via this websitei thought, right. super-cute girl girl (ie. not me) slightly out of my price range & would make great gifts for girl pals – jumpers & pjs & stuff.


w i l d f o x

“a vintage-inspired women’s knitwear brand based in Los Angeles co-created by two women inspired by a love for vintage tee shirts and their friendship – known for its iconic campaigns, dream-like quality, and clothes that tell a story..”

girl pow pow pow*.  i am not the slogan-wearing type.. nor are am i having sleepovers with my lady pals. but i am SOLD.

*look out for more girl girl pow pow chat from gill & i soon. we’ve got some cool pink vibes going on…

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new home wants / 1

November 11, 2015

solar sisters / nyssa
T H I S  P A I N T I N G  / by nyssa

so very stoked to find out that i can finally buy this print. an unnecessary purely-for-joy purchase for the big kitchen life. until now its been beautiful yet fairly functional items. lamps + tiny scrubbing brushes. plants* + rugs*.

this painting is only for it’s beauty and mood. i love buying a house.

*plants clean the air right? FUNCTIONAL.
*rugs stop the dog falling over. FUNCTIONAL.