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H E L L O ! we have a big kitchen.

October 15, 2015

the big kitchen life

we bought our first place! and we’ve moved on in. i’m mostly unpacked. hank has settled. and i finally squashed the giant sofa boxes. after quite some time im ready to live regular life full-time again. which means getting properly dressed daily, working, playing on here, and not drinking wine in the big kitchen all day. everyday. (it’s been really great..)

it’s a dream this big kitchen life. still without shelves. still without a pantry. still without a light shade. still a dream.

the darjeeling limited soundtrack is playing in our bigkitchenlife corner. i get tea in my bought-for-thebigkitchenlife mug every morning. and drink wine & smoke cigarettes by my bigkitchenlife window every night. it’s an absolute pleasure.

i’ll be sharing plenty of our buys and want-to-buys on here along with all the other great stuff, places & makers i’ve found and not posted yet. it’s catch up time.

ps i’m going to get a new camera and stop with the bad instagram screenshots on here – it’ll be a nicer place for you to visit soon. whoooooo yah.

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