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me + the checked trousers

October 20, 2015

checked trousers
anything with braces/dungaree-like looks, GIMME.

this is me + the checked trousers.

checked trouserschecked trouserschecked trousers

these fat checked woollen troos were an asos STEAL last year for something crazy like £20 in the sale. couldn’t believe my large trouser loving eyes. and i stand like a super hero when wearing them i see.

because im crap at having a blog – these pictures are a bit old now and its sandal weather no more – but swap in a long sleeve shirt, skinny scarf and some lace up shoes or boots and you’ll picture my annie hall style winter feels.

trousers: ASOS / shirt: H&M / sandals: TOPSHOP

so many more of this style series with gill and collaborating photographer caro to share – better late than never right?



THIS DOG. follow paddington on instagram here . handsome like hank – but this guy loves dressing up. instaGOLD.

his funny cat pals feature heavily too. super cute big eyed squashed faced ones. BEST INSTAGRAM FEED FOR A HANGOVER EVER.

shop - wear

diario de una couturier

October 16, 2015


diario de una couturier

can i just say. guh.

d i a r i o  d e  u n a  c o u t u r i e r

“a timeless fashion brand based in Barcelona and Berlin. We create handmade clothes and we produce them with care and love. We work with small workshops and local suppliers with whom we develop collections unhurried and giving priority to quality than immediacy”

diario de una couturier
THEY HAVE A SALE ON. and a nice instagram account.

#thebigkitchenlife - home

H E L L O ! we have a big kitchen.

October 15, 2015

the big kitchen life

we bought our first place! and we’ve moved on in. i’m mostly unpacked. hank has settled. and i finally squashed the giant sofa boxes. after quite some time im ready to live regular life full-time again. which means getting properly dressed daily, working, playing on here, and not drinking wine in the big kitchen all day. everyday. (it’s been really great..)

it’s a dream this big kitchen life. still without shelves. still without a pantry. still without a light shade. still a dream.

the darjeeling limited soundtrack is playing in our bigkitchenlife corner. i get tea in my bought-for-thebigkitchenlife mug every morning. and drink wine & smoke cigarettes by my bigkitchenlife window every night. it’s an absolute pleasure.

i’ll be sharing plenty of our buys and want-to-buys on here along with all the other great stuff, places & makers i’ve found and not posted yet. it’s catch up time.

ps i’m going to get a new camera and stop with the bad instagram screenshots on here – it’ll be a nicer place for you to visit soon. whoooooo yah.