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June 10, 2015

& other storieslast year a lady sashayed past me at a wedding wearing a midnight v-necked wing-sleeved backless patterned dress .. & i loved her a bit.

it was from  &  o t h e r  s t o r i e s 

& other stories& other stories& other stories& other stories& other stories& other stories
i could spend a little fortune here*.  on hats / sandals / jeans / all of the simple lingerie / all of the everything.

this fashion brand offers huge diverse collections of affordable / versatile / cool girl styles – every piece of dressing – from feet to face… including a range of beauty products & really truly beautiful socks.

each collection has a story + the styling is so good … S H O P  & other stories  H E R E !
c x

*the reason i am not spending all my monies just yet? the big kitchen life. we almost have it . . .
(once said life is ours  – I AM SPENDING ALL MY MONIES ON CLOTHES + HOMEWARES!  my asos basket is pretty full right now… + UO.. + topshop … + made.com … wah)

One thought on “& other stories

  1. Charlotte

    Absolutely everyone is loving these guys right now, I’m going to have to pop into the store next time I’m near Oxford Street. I fear I’ll leave with a lot less money in my bank…

    Charlotte xx


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