me + the long checked shirt

June 2, 2015

the shirt one day last summer, i was in a shop that i usually keep for socks & flat shoes, with my 7 year old niece, buying said socks etc when i saw that shirt up there.  oh my days. less than 20 bucks it was. i was having it.  the niece laughed out loud and looked at me like i was seriously SILLY. so i took her with me to try it on & almost managed to convince her it was a good idea. ish. she was smirking when she agreed – but she’s a bit cool like that the wee bugger so i ignored her. she was 7. pah.

this is me + the long checked shirt & the 2nd in our style series with the ever german, always lovely caro weiss photography*.
shirt dressshirt dressshirt dressthe shirt dressit’s from P R I M A R K. shut the front door.
belted with sandals (and big pants/shorts because it’s super chiffony see through) or worn like the open floating over-shirt that it likes to be – i am not even doing it justice up there with my awkward face & muddy boots. but you can see it for what it is right? it’s a billowy good shout is what it is.

french-style 5 piece minimal capsule wardrobe compatibility?  ummmm low to no. BUT… it’s light, goes with all denims & bare legs – converse, high heels, hats + jumpers.. so i’ll be darndet it stays.

other (scruffy) outfit items from  t o p s h o p  /  h & m  /  a c c e s s o r i z e

please note my non-fashion-bloggerness & that most of the outfits we share on here are old favourites – not new hot of the press stuff.  i think that’s ok? no? bad blogger etiquette?  yikes if so – but i’ll keep sharing like a pal all the same.

– c x

* fun fact 3 (or 4?) about our picture taking friend – she likes crazy japanese psychedelia or some shit. & she knows best. see more of her work here!

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