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June 21, 2015

le weekend
i’ve not been on everything akin for so long. too long. i’m that person that wants a blog to share all the shit – and then doesn’t do it….
i didn’t mean it & i still want it. so i be making the time again. for this & for yoga. because it was all feeling good, and like adriene* says … you should find what feels good.

this weekend i went on a road trip with good pal eileen of sugar8.. our mama style post lady.  she’s makes amazing wedding films for beautiful people all over the country. and sometimes i get to play assistant and get behind a camera** for her. it’s a good deal. and this time we were down in the shire. breaking down on motorways, eating crepes & crying at beautiful speeches & crazy minister-singing. check out her films here + here.  (both me + gill have the joy of owning/starring in an original sugar8 film. she’s the bombdiggety)
(and yes i think you star in your own wedding film…)

so le sunday of le weekend has been a sleepy scruffy day of wearing husband shirts, trying not to eat pot noodles, catching up on emails, hugging my dog and cleaning my bathroom.
and realising how shit i am at having a blog.

so . . happy fathers day to you all. have a merry merry evening. and i’m promising myself i’ll be sharing more of the good things in my drafts very soon.  like the dusen dusen home collection below. perf.

thanks & sorry & big ups to all the successful bloggers out there who do their shit everyday.
c x

*adriene is my yoga-lady. on youtube. sweet & super at sharing. her videos are brilliant. easy to follow and when i was looking for a out from some work stress i happened upon her vlog series & fell in a little bit in love with her bedtime yoga sequence.  that girl saved my head that night. (and johns because i was one crazed lady ready to lose her shit and cry a bit)
check out her videos here & do some stretchy shit in your living room. gives me the feels.

**image of sugar8s stuff by christopher currie photography. also known as GILL! + her husband chris. whaaaat. everyone is a pal.  we love pals.  lets all be pals.

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