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May 19, 2015

Night1_skincare_blogI made a lot of rush purchases in the lead up to our wedding, not excluding: cushion covers (because the photographer would capture those in the morning- right?) , 3 pairs of shoes – sandals, flat boots & 2 pairs of heels (okay 5 pairs) and a whole host of other life improving bumf that is completely unrelated to a wedding.

But, one of the best panic-buy decisions I made, was investing in some great skincare. & by great, I’m talking proper good stuff – with all of the right kind of chemicals. Products that actually make a difference.
My messiah became Caroline Hirons. Her no-messing, honest approach to product reviews & skincare advice.  I won’t regurgitate all the stuff I learnt from her – you can learn the the best bits for yourself here & here.  Instead I’m giving you the shortcut to my favourite new products, and a run-down of my routines.

For your ref. my skin type – dry with occasional breakouts.
My new skintype – pretty clear & feeling much more plump & hydrated.

I’m not a mega girly girl (girlier than Claire) but I enjoy knowing I’m doing something to look after my face & making some moves re. aging that hopefully I’ll pat myself on the back for later…..



Cleanse with running warm water, a flannel and Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm – you only need the tiniest amount and it smells incredible. Rub the balm onto dry skin and let it melt in to truely get the benefits of the balmyness.

Tone with cotton wool & Lush Eau Roma water – I worked with lush in my teens & have seen first hand all the magic that happens at their factory. Its a truly incredible place if you ever get the chance to go!

Drop a couple of facial oil drops onto fingertips and massage in. This feels amazing – I use Rodial stemcell super-food facial oil. Again you need the teeniest amount and I tend to concentrate on problem wrinkly bits & dry areas. This formula is extra light and sinks in quickly.

Moisturise – I love Lush Skin drink for hydration and it too absorbs quickly. It feels super protective & smells like sesame.

Night time:

I use a home-made olive oil, water & baby shampoo eye make-up remover. Remover is one of those products I hate paying a lot of money for & this combo is by far the best for taking all that liquid eyeliner off! You can find a diy here.

Again onto dry skin – I rub in Lush’s Ultrabland – It’s super soothing yet wipes all that grime right off. Give your skin a good massage and wash off with running warm water and a cloth. Do this twice if you’ve got on a shit-ton of make-up that day.

Tone with cotton wool and Thayers Rose & Witch Hazel toner, it’s alcohol-free so doesn’t dry-out at all.

If you like to use an eye-cream now’s the time just be super delicate (I use my ring finger to pat in) in rotation I use Kielhls midnight recovery eye or creamy avocado eye treatment.

This is my favourite product and the step I take most pleasure in…  Kielhs Midnight Recovery Concentrate is sexy looking, smells divine & makes your skin glowwwwww. Pop a couple of drops on your fingers and enjoy a good face massage!

Finally a good swath of thisworks no wrinkle midnight moisture. Feels super luxurious, lasts forever and is a little bit like sleep in a jar. Makes your skin feel soothed & AWAKE!

I know this all sounds a bit mental and I guess it kind of is if you’re not used to this type of routine (Claire) but I promise you its 100% worth it. I love that it forces me just to take a teeny time-out twice a day to give myself a bit of self-love.

Do it! – G x

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