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May 12, 2015

fine little day

this shop has been on my share list since before we launched . . the plan being to buy this print – which i first saw somewhere on instagram – & share/rave about how it introduced me to the joy that is this shop.

F I N E  L I T T L E  D A Y

what started out as a personal blog, by swedish artist & photographer elisabeth dunker, sharing bits of life & flea market finds, has evolved into what they now call “a sprawling and happily inconsistent company and blog..” offering quality products, created in-house by their very own design studio… everything from art prints & posters, beautiful textiles & kitchenwares, to books & bed linen for kiddos.

the key to this brand is expressive patterns & graphic designs – unique, homely, cool & creative.. i love it all very much. heavily inspired by nature – mountains, trees & the sea – and almost naive, playful, patterns & prints . . . i imagine my big kitchen full of fine little day barr trays & these napkins – a bathroom of beautiful hand towels.
& if ever we have kiddos, they will most definitely be wearing knitted squirrel socks , reading the life of mr moustache & eating cut apples off our bobo pot mat.

an amazing shop – a brilliant blog to read – and now, a book to love too.

YOU ARE WELCOME. (please don’t buy that poster before me ..) – c x

ps – follow fine little day on instagram for the loveliest home pictures, most brilliant wall paper, inspiring outdoors & the coolest/weirdest cat i think i’ve ever seen…

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