ocelot chocolate

May 9, 2015

ocelot chocolate

THAT PACKAGING. it’s chocolate inside. handmade beautifully packaged quality bars of chocolate.

o c e l o t  c h o c o l a t e

this has to be a favourite hear of the year …
Edinburgh based husband and wife team, matt & ish, left jobs as chefs to start their own business. . . hand making pure organic fair trade chocolate.  i said, HANDMAKING chocolate. you love this couple already right?

newly married – these 2 are working hard, endlessly even, to make the most delicious, purest chocolate that they can. in all of these brilliant flavour combos. & designing all of the artwork for the packaging too.

young, obsessed with chocolate, super creative – & NAILING IT.
i mean, bee pollen & mango? and those wrappers? all the yes.

read an interview with ish & matt about how ocelot began & why – over on here.
and find a list of stockists here.


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