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April 24, 2015

tea and kate
it seems the best place to find shops & online stores selling the things you love….  is through instagram!  the linking on insta pictures to this that and the next lamp is a brilliant thing. people i follow i follow because i like their style, how they live, what they take photos of – eats & homes & buildings & books – so OF COURSE I WANT TO KNOW WHERE THEY GOT THAT CUSHION/BLANKET/JUMPER/GIANT PAPERCLIP. ergo, of course i want to know where they shop.
click on all the instagram tags, i say, and you’re sure to find amazing things….

like T E A + K A T E .

this shop is a little emporium of brilliant collections, lovingly & excitedly sourced from around the world. full of charm & beautiful designs – tea+kate has serious taste. from danish furniture to rifle paper goods, super cute kiddos bits & stylish accessories & decor – there’s a bit of modern, a bit of retro & everything cool in this one cleverly curated shop.

those picks above are some of my favourites – but you have to look online (here) to see the extent of lovely things to buy from this place.  it’s a caboodle of perfect home bits & exciting products.

tea & kate. put it on your list. (their instagram account is really worth a follow too – some great styling + shopping inspiration! because we all need more shopping inspo…)

have a great weekend all  – c x

(i can’t remember what super cool insta-person first introduced me to tea+kate months ago – but thank you if you share stuff. let’s all do that)

One thought on “shop | tea and kate

  1. Lisa ridge-valentine

    Hi, I’ve just found you on Instagram via Tea and Kate. I agree wit you, Tea and Kate’s shop is gorgeous, and I could buy just about everything if funds and space (and husband) allowed! I hope I’m not being cheeky but I’ve just set up an online homewards shop too and being an enthusiastic, excited but complete novice newbie, I wondered if it wasn’t offensive to ask you to have a look if you had a moment and tell me what you think? Any comments good or bad would be much appreciated. I hope I haven’t offended you asking this of you, as I said I’m new to this !
    Many thanks, regards Lisa


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