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April 7, 2015

a n o t h e r  g r e a t  s h o p  f o r  y o u r  h o m e !

future and found.

carefully curated collections, beautiful designs & finds for your home. based in north london – and with a bricks and mortar store to visit here – future and found have ‘a vision of whats to come and a love for whats been’. so lovely, so good.

above are my top picks – the oak frame which, cleverly, consists of 4 pieces of wood, 2 bits of plexiglass & a rubber band.  a scandinavian design, of course. brilliant.
the horseshoe magnetthe little toothbrush/paste cabin holder – love that this can be wall mounted to save sink/shelf space.
this is the nicest marble board i’ve found. & those mint storage jars are kitchen perfect – and again, danish designs. (those guys are the best) and this spinning top by HAY is kingsize! super cool kiddo gift.
and then that cushion along with all the other textiles in stock. and THAT concrete desk lamp.

you can find the website – stocked full of well designed, simple & stylish goods – here.

we are getting this print – by onemustdash. there is something about images & drawings of forests, mountains & trees that always get me.. maybe it’s because of where i grew up, but they feel pure magical. and make me feel grounded. it’s a strange thing.

happy shopping y’all – c x

ps. we were away for so long because GILL GOT MARRIED! what a week – what a wedding. i’m sure we’ll do a wee share on here at some point .. it was the most fun, with the best eats & the WILDEST DANCE PARTY. big loves c+g. big huge crazed loves.x

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