April 30, 2015


you know when you find something – a shop, a maker, an object – and you just think THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST OF THAT THING I HAVE  E V E R  SEEN – (and sometimes a wee bit  – i wish it was me who had thought of/made/opened/designed that) – and you get excited? well this was one of those times.

meet  R I S O T T O  S T U D I O.

this glasgow-based graphic designer (GLASGOW BASED! i’m telling you the best people live here) specialises in bold, brilliant risograph prints, paper goods & brochure/menu/poster design. every time i see a risotto post on facebook or instagram, i’m like oh man that is seriously the best kind of paper print design shit there is.

risotto studio

the full website itself is worth a pin. seriously, click on that + see.

gabriella marcella is the coolgirl behind risotto designs – a graphic artist who has exhibited internationally and worked for some major brands … see more of gabriellas work over here.
if i could somehow gift myself some graphic design talent . . . i’d want hers.

– c x

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