if we had a bigger kitchen . .

April 13, 2015

thinking of big kitchensthis weekend i did exactly what deep down me wanted to do. and acted how that me would act. that’s me above /\ channeling the inner mindful me.  relaxed and pottery. calm and unhurried. organised, but casually so. naturally aware of time – never rushing. i wore a tie with my denim shirt & just pretended my hair was long again.  i went book shopping. on a saturday afternoon. alone. for hours. i went food shopping – and bought seldom ingredients like asparagus & pearl barley & fish & almond butter. the things the real me would be eating all the time if the current me wasn’t eating super noodle sandwiches in bed at midnight with the husband just home from work. sometimes there’s no time for real food? and yet food is our favourite thing..  i walked at a nice pace – if i missed a train… there would be another soon after. I’M SO LAIDBACK I SAID.  i started one of the new books while waiting on the train. because i left my phone off.  WOAH. at home i cooked – braised spicy star anise-y meatballs. yes. & drank red wine. listening to sidney bechet & dreaming of a bigger kitchen.

the deep down me has the big kitchen already. full of books & plants & music & natural light. open shelving over filled with dishes – ceramics & wood. pots & pans in every colour & size. a window sill of potted herbs. a big table for hosting & sitting & spending quick mornings together before work. coffee & notes. cooking and dancing.
kitchen dreams

only when i have that big kitchen will i be that me from the weekend at all times. i’ll wear my hair long again & own numerous pairs of dungarees. my cooking will rival johns. i’ll be fluent in ukelele & make the most of all the evenings & mornings.

that is one of our 2 by-the-end-of-2016 goals… the big kitchen life.

i can’t wait – c x


(top image from this brilliant photographer on iGnant + all perfect kitchens from pinterest)

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