gill + the suede coat

April 21, 2015

the mango coat
gill bought the suede coat. and we looked at it and sighed a lot. gill also just got married. and she’s a total BABE. so to celebrate – both the marriage & the jacket – i’m sharing the first in our little style series in cahoots with our small german picture-taking friend, caro weiss.

this is gill & the mango coat.

the mango coatthe mango coatthe mango coatthe mango coatthe mango coat
BABIN. that outfit. stripes & suede 4 EVA.
+ french-style minimal 5-piece capsule-wardrobe compatibility?  T E N.

shop gills look at  m a n g o  /  p u l l & b e a r  /  f o r e v e r 2 1

paint your nails red & get out for brunch.

– c x

(see more of caro’s photography here)


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