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April 30, 2015


you know when you find something – a shop, a maker, an object – and you just think THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST OF THAT THING I HAVE  E V E R  SEEN – (and sometimes a wee bit  – i wish it was me who had thought of/made/opened/designed that) – and you get excited? well this was one of those times.

meet  R I S O T T O  S T U D I O.

this glasgow-based graphic designer (GLASGOW BASED! i’m telling you the best people live here) specialises in bold, brilliant risograph prints, paper goods & brochure/menu/poster design. every time i see a risotto post on facebook or instagram, i’m like oh man that is seriously the best kind of paper print design shit there is.

risotto studio

the full website itself is worth a pin. seriously, click on that + see.

gabriella marcella is the coolgirl behind risotto designs – a graphic artist who has exhibited internationally and worked for some major brands … see more of gabriellas work over here.
if i could somehow gift myself some graphic design talent . . . i’d want hers.

– c x


looking in / 2

April 25, 2015

inspiring homeinspiring homeinspiring homeinspiring home

this home.  if ever i decide to really (i mean really) try and achieve an uncluttered minimal look in my home – this would be my inspiration.  i love the  s p a c e .  clean + cool. airy bright + organised.

i’d soon fill it with bits + shit + stuff. but it would make for a calm collected starting point at least.

read more about the ladies who live there, here.

– c x

if you like looking into other peoples lives + reading the whys hows + who’s behind beautiful creative homes + spaces like this one – spend some time on fvonf.  if you like what we like – you’ll like it there.

[images by adrian cano franco + erea azurmendi]


shop | tea and kate

April 24, 2015

tea and kate
it seems the best place to find shops & online stores selling the things you love….  is through instagram!  the linking on insta pictures to this that and the next lamp is a brilliant thing. people i follow i follow because i like their style, how they live, what they take photos of – eats & homes & buildings & books – so OF COURSE I WANT TO KNOW WHERE THEY GOT THAT CUSHION/BLANKET/JUMPER/GIANT PAPERCLIP. ergo, of course i want to know where they shop.
click on all the instagram tags, i say, and you’re sure to find amazing things….

like T E A + K A T E .

this shop is a little emporium of brilliant collections, lovingly & excitedly sourced from around the world. full of charm & beautiful designs – tea+kate has serious taste. from danish furniture to rifle paper goods, super cute kiddos bits & stylish accessories & decor – there’s a bit of modern, a bit of retro & everything cool in this one cleverly curated shop.

those picks above are some of my favourites – but you have to look online (here) to see the extent of lovely things to buy from this place.  it’s a caboodle of perfect home bits & exciting products.

tea & kate. put it on your list. (their instagram account is really worth a follow too – some great styling + shopping inspiration! because we all need more shopping inspo…)

have a great weekend all  – c x

(i can’t remember what super cool insta-person first introduced me to tea+kate months ago – but thank you if you share stuff. let’s all do that)


gill + the suede coat

April 21, 2015

the mango coat
gill bought the suede coat. and we looked at it and sighed a lot. gill also just got married. and she’s a total BABE. so to celebrate – both the marriage & the jacket – i’m sharing the first in our little style series in cahoots with our small german picture-taking friend, caro weiss.

this is gill & the mango coat.

the mango coatthe mango coatthe mango coatthe mango coatthe mango coat
BABIN. that outfit. stripes & suede 4 EVA.
+ french-style minimal 5-piece capsule-wardrobe compatibility?  T E N.

shop gills look at  m a n g o  /  p u l l & b e a r  /  f o r e v e r 2 1

paint your nails red & get out for brunch.

– c x

(see more of caro’s photography here)


design - home - shop

such & such

April 14, 2015

such and such
such & such.

oh man. this shop.
founded by a brother & sister team, such&such source only the finest in hand crafted & well designed pieces from talented & creative makers committed to their craft  – selling only items that they love themselves, carefully curating a selection of cherishable homewares + lifestyle goods.

i mean T H I S  C H A I R – have you ever seen the likes? have you ever wanted to sit on something so much?!

i love that these guys search for cool + original product making it an important part of the shop to tell the makers stories. working with designers who really inspire them, in the hope that they inspire us too.
which they absolutely do.

these are quality products that will last, things to live your life with you, &, importantly to me, can not be found in every other shop or online store.  spend some time reading through their journal for inspiration, recipes & makers stories. absolutely worth a bookmark.

– c x

and um… i want this pallet lampshade so hard. please.


if we had a bigger kitchen . .

April 13, 2015

thinking of big kitchensthis weekend i did exactly what deep down me wanted to do. and acted how that me would act. that’s me above /\ channeling the inner mindful me.  relaxed and pottery. calm and unhurried. organised, but casually so. naturally aware of time – never rushing. i wore a tie with my denim shirt & just pretended my hair was long again.  i went book shopping. on a saturday afternoon. alone. for hours. i went food shopping – and bought seldom ingredients like asparagus & pearl barley & fish & almond butter. the things the real me would be eating all the time if the current me wasn’t eating super noodle sandwiches in bed at midnight with the husband just home from work. sometimes there’s no time for real food? and yet food is our favourite thing..  i walked at a nice pace – if i missed a train… there would be another soon after. I’M SO LAIDBACK I SAID.  i started one of the new books while waiting on the train. because i left my phone off.  WOAH. at home i cooked – braised spicy star anise-y meatballs. yes. & drank red wine. listening to sidney bechet & dreaming of a bigger kitchen.

the deep down me has the big kitchen already. full of books & plants & music & natural light. open shelving over filled with dishes – ceramics & wood. pots & pans in every colour & size. a window sill of potted herbs. a big table for hosting & sitting & spending quick mornings together before work. coffee & notes. cooking and dancing.
kitchen dreams

only when i have that big kitchen will i be that me from the weekend at all times. i’ll wear my hair long again & own numerous pairs of dungarees. my cooking will rival johns. i’ll be fluent in ukelele & make the most of all the evenings & mornings.

that is one of our 2 by-the-end-of-2016 goals… the big kitchen life.

i can’t wait – c x


(top image from this brilliant photographer on iGnant + all perfect kitchens from pinterest)


tonight | 2

April 10, 2015

confetti head
tonight = clean up + rest up.

last weekend saw gill & chris get married. and it was the wildest most wonderful fun & frantic love filled few days. & then it was over & we had to go back into crazy work mode. what a shit-show.  we’ve all got almighty spangled heads.

i need to tidy up the party vibes & get some sleep.

we have so many plans for this space over the coming months. and a shit ton of brilliant makers & places & bits to share. it’s exciting. it’s sunny. we’re super pooped. and to celebrate all of the above – i’m taking a night off in bed. WILD.

hope you enjoy yours. c x

tiny world shadow box sculpture – ‘a womans work’ by lisa swerling
(via junkculture via bri emery)

design - shop

shop | future + found

April 7, 2015

a n o t h e r  g r e a t  s h o p  f o r  y o u r  h o m e !

future and found.

carefully curated collections, beautiful designs & finds for your home. based in north london – and with a bricks and mortar store to visit here – future and found have ‘a vision of whats to come and a love for whats been’. so lovely, so good.

above are my top picks – the oak frame which, cleverly, consists of 4 pieces of wood, 2 bits of plexiglass & a rubber band.  a scandinavian design, of course. brilliant.
the horseshoe magnetthe little toothbrush/paste cabin holder – love that this can be wall mounted to save sink/shelf space.
this is the nicest marble board i’ve found. & those mint storage jars are kitchen perfect – and again, danish designs. (those guys are the best) and this spinning top by HAY is kingsize! super cool kiddo gift.
and then that cushion along with all the other textiles in stock. and THAT concrete desk lamp.

you can find the website – stocked full of well designed, simple & stylish goods – here.

we are getting this print – by onemustdash. there is something about images & drawings of forests, mountains & trees that always get me.. maybe it’s because of where i grew up, but they feel pure magical. and make me feel grounded. it’s a strange thing.

happy shopping y’all – c x

ps. we were away for so long because GILL GOT MARRIED! what a week – what a wedding. i’m sure we’ll do a wee share on here at some point .. it was the most fun, with the best eats & the WILDEST DANCE PARTY. big loves c+g. big huge crazed loves.x