March 19, 2015

suede style

like flares – I  L O V E  T H I S  T R E N D. it’s going to be a hard year shopping for me. hard as in – I”LL BUY EVERYTHING JOHN WILL DIVORCE ME AND I”LL HAVE NO MONEY BUT I DONT EVEN CARE BECAUSE ITS ALL SO BEAUTIFUL.

it’s not often whats in fashion/on trend/blah blah has any effect on me – but 2015 is the year of perfect style. yes to the 70s. yes to being a hippy. yes to a bit military & utility. to a bit boho. to textures – wool & suede & knits & velvet. yes and more yes’s to buttons & collars & knits & billowy bottoms & dungafuckingrees.
and suede!

z a r a  +  m a n g o  are both nailing it right now.  not just the suede – but the lookbook styling + photography.

soooo since it’s definitely spring now.. i definitely need T H O S E  S A N D A L S
& obvs nothing is ever complete without a good old fashioned B R O W N  B E L T (no jazzy bits for me on my belt thank you)
i like that girl in her woven knit top + S U E D E  S K I R T a lot.
remember i mentioned a purple velvet waistcoat? here’s another W A I S T C O A T i think i love.
gills going to super love that S H I R T D R E S S .
and i’m pretty sure i would look like alexa in that B U T T O N D O W N S K I R T
B A G . because i left my old suede one in a taxi last week.

let’s keep this 70s revival going forever – c x

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