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short stack

March 12, 2015

short stack

food magazines are a monthly priority spend in our house. not the most frugal thing to spend the monies on – but husband feels they are an essential. & since we get real cool ones – I’m fine with that. i love me a beautiful magazine.

s h o r t s t a c k is a series of collectable little cookbooks. each edition written by a different chef with a focus on one single ingredient. all printed on high quality paper & stitch bound by hand.

with shipping – these guys have to live on the super treat list rather than the monthlys – but such a cool idea and way too beautiful not too share..

read more about short stack editions here – c x


me & chloe

March 11, 2015

the other day i did something new .. i watched a fashion runway.

it was C H L O È .

and at the end i kinda wanted to cry a little bit. i felt understood ?! ..  or something … relief maybe?  joy, definitely .. i can’t really explain…

on sunday i saw a post on instagram about the C H L O È runway streaming live, followed by a cool picture of a girl in a shirt – a look i love – backstage, and i thought – i’m going to watch that. see what all this fashion fuss is about, beyond the cool girls that cut about the streets and on pinterest at this time of year…

B A M .  exactly what i imagine, scour shops for, picture, pin & want to be, FORTY times over.

i’ve never before been even the slightest bit interested in designer fashion/catwalks/new seasons blah blah, past the general magazine browse. always far more into the street style – following instagrammers & pinteresters collecting favourite looks from the streets throughout fashion week season.  always enjoying a ‘worn’ post by favourite bloggers & of course very much enjoying shopping myself. but i’m not very good with trends, don’t think i’m what you would call fashionable & i just really like what i like – quite simply.  i love shirts. flares. ties. hats. billowy sleeves. boots. silk. heavy wool. big collars. & scruffy long hair. to sum up. (& with the odd wayward piece thrown in because for no reason i love it – like a purple velvet waistcoat.. questionable but it gives me the joy so it stays)

those pictures up there are from pinterest boards of mine going back quite some time… i’ve always liked certain styles. have often branched out, but the general feel has never changed. and i’ve always found it difficult to describe exactly what that style i like is …
& now, now i know.

it’s C H L O È Paris Fashion Week Runway 2015.
that. is my style.
the wardrobe equivalent of my spirit animal.

C H L O È creative director Claire Wright Keller – N A I L E D  I T  for me.
& i now have a favourite designer – how very grown up.

if you haven’t already – watch the full thing here.  & f*cking swoon.

– c x

mama style - read

oliver jeffers

March 8, 2015

oliver jeffers

sometimes i spend a long time in book shops. such brilliant places to be. old & worn books. new books. passed on books. i can’t bring myself to get a kindle. i like to fold pages.
the cookery section in big stores, i particularly enjoy for long times. but, the kiddos space in waterstones – at christmas i go, with my list of kiddos in mind, and sit for hours choosing the perfect book for each.  sometimes accidentally i buy one for john and i too. they can be that beautiful & that funny.

o l i v e r  j e f f e r s  has been many a christmas favourite.

his stories clever creative & inspiring. his illustrations perfect imaginative & so beautiful.

oliver jeffers
i couldn’t choose a favourite, but for a lot of laughs, i recommend ‘the day the crayons quit‘. kiddo or not.

oliver jeffers

oliver jeffers art projects, as well as his award winning picture books, are brilliant. i love a world with coffee a lot, & his dipped paintings series.

oliver jeffers
follow on facebook for news & cool old sketches.

& enjoy the last of your sunday – c x


le weekend | 6

March 7, 2015

when there's a power cut

an absolute perfect excuse to be still & take time? a power cut.

no lights, no kettle, no phone, no internet, no tv, no heating – just a quiet peaceful space lit only by outside, and then candlelight, & made warm only by husbands wooly jumpers, blankets & the dog.
nothing could be done. no to dos ticked off. no dishes, no emails – & no guilt to be felt.

that was this afternoon & evening. and though the power is back on now, i’m going to carry the feeling on over the weekend. reading the book i’ve had waiting for weeks, practising playing the ukelele. leaving the candles lit, the phone in another room & lying down a lot.

sometimes it’s fine to say there’s always tomorrow – c x

(that is not me above, just a really beautiful picture found on vsco grid)

shop - wear

wear | dusen dusen

March 5, 2015

dusen dusenagain with the far flung makers & sellers, i know. but..  if you like pattern & colour, and dressing your dog in jumpers …

you will love D U S E N D U S E N .

cool-girl style with art school vibes –  the lady behind this label, ellen van dusen, draws inspiration from things like mid century resort architecture, & google maps. her trademark style of bold colours & pattern is met with super simple, wearable pieces created from newly designed prints every season.
dusen dusen

pull over dresses, button down shirts & comfy looking knits. it’s modern mismatched coordination with a bit of 80s micro print. fun, easy fashion and i love it all.

shop the most recent collection here.
they ship internationally, for a very  r e a s o n a b l e  cost & this year

get a look at some of the collection here – it’s an absolute doozie. the signature dusen dusen patterns on towels bedding rugs cushions & one effing amazing pouff.  the launch is in August and I bet it sells out faster than i can calculate my shipping. but i’ll be trying for sure.

– c x

mama style - shop

shop | eastern biological

curiositiesif like me, you like beautiful curious things for your home, or are lucky to have any hip wee kiddos in your life that you want to buy cool AND educational gifts (like those above) –

you are going to love  E A S T E R N  B I O L O G I C A L .

one of my favourite finds this year for sure –  eastern biological is a natural history & life store founded by two clever guys with mutual love of biology, adventure, & design, who, from this, created their ideal store..

not only do they have loads of cool bits of wonder for the littles, they also stock a collection of carefully curated curios for the home – art, books, stationery & gifts – all inspired by the natural world & modern living.

a museum-like shop of beautifully designed, functional, wonderful stuff.

click here to start buying things.

sorry & you’re welcome – c x


just when i thought it was over

March 3, 2015

Golden Year Collectionpaper design

2015-03-03_0003julia kostrevai’ve bought 5 years worth of notebooks & wall calendars already this year. but this 2015 collection –

g o l d e n  y e a r s  // by julia kostreva

– is  S O  B E A U T I F U L i think i have to get more.  i write a lot of lists, ergo, i need a lot of paper goods. there. i said it. i need them. i need the beautiful notebooks. all of them. otherwise i will forget things and never become organised & brilliant.

thanks to designlovefest for first bringing this lady to my attention way back when things were more colourful & just as minimal. & to miss moss for reminding me this year.

her collections & collaborations, past & present, are all effing great.

you can read more about julia in this wit&delight interview

– c x