March 23, 2015

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this might be the coolest thing you hear about today. . .

o n e h u n d r e d f o r t y

//  a revolutionary art experiment that turns any tweet into a unique and beautiful print . . //

t h i s  is super clever. . . no numbered series, no repeats – only originals. . .

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‘think about it: how often has a tweet got you giggling, thinking or inspired only to be lost in the ether? With Onehundredforty, those same words can be preserved’

using meticulous design and smart programming, Onehundredforty merge any tweet of your choosing (ANY tweet) with artists’ creativity to produce a one-of-a-kind art print.
at time of launch on kickstarter last month – 15 different artists featured with 50 original designs – that’s over 5000 possible outcomes!
& no tweet can be purchased twice with the same design – meaning your print will be an absolute one off.

it’s so simple – yet such an amazing complex project ..
you select a tweet, the Onehundredforty programme generates a design using a specially created grid system, which will adapt to tweet length & change layout accordingly – BOOM you have your print. and if you don’t like it? hit refresh. you get another.

founded by a group of creatives from Stockholm – these guys are doing something completely unique. the process is amazing – you can read all about the project on kickstarter,  how it came about, how the system works, who is behind the scenes & see more examples of the brilliant designs. it is genius.
i say back them!


i’m not even a tweeter. i’m just a tweet reader. sometimes a retweeter. & this project is my favourite find of the year so far – thanks to blogger miss moss (one of my favourite places on the internet) who found it first.

– c x

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