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March 29, 2015

30 day minimalism challenge
weekends these days (apart from t h a t hen do) seem to have a theme in our house . .

s i m p l i f y  /  d e c l u t t e r  /  s l o w d o w n

this 30 day minimalism challenge by into mind seems fairly simple on first look but some of those tasks are more difficult than we would all think i’m sure.. and come april, le weekends get a lot busier.

so, not starting today – because things are crazy for a SUPER SPECIAL REASON** over the next week – but, the week after that, I’m going to give it a go. checking off day by day the things we should all be doing/not doing but don’t/and do. it’ll be good for the soul.

so today i feel like i’m preparing for a month of being mindful, grateful, relaxed + uncomplaining by spring cleaning, writing lists & doing some moaning. just to get it out of my system..

hope le weekend is being good to you – c x

** next week GILL GETS MARRIED ! ! !

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