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March 17, 2015


last year, i was working the wedding of a lovely couple from margate. they had tins & tins of really beautiful incense – unusual, brilliant scents in the most perfectly branded & styled packaging. they told me the story of a local-to-them man creating natural fragrance and skin care products in a coastal cliff top lab, from hand harvested seaweed & botanicals…


a shop of magical products, cleverly & carefully designed, handmade & packaged – find amber bottles of curious & wonderful beauty oils, serums & balms – tins of natural incense & wooden boxes of eco friendly candles & bottled eau de parfum – each perfume bottle etched with the gps coordinate for where ingredients were found & on what date, & with caps of solid brass hand turned by local craftsmen.

‘courtesy flush’ & ‘smudge sticks’ / ‘sailors beard oil’ & ‘seaweed blocks’ – just a few of the curious & clever, beautiful & simple haeckels products available.

shop online here & read more about the founders fascinating & inspiring philosophy here.

the haeckels website is somewhere to spend a small hour – each product description an interesting read in itself.  such detail, well thought out, beautifully written & with a great great background story ..
I  L O V E  T H I S  B R A N D

– c x


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