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make | fall for diy woven planters

March 31, 2015


i love these wall weaving inspired planters by francesca at fall for diy. 2 of my favourite home trends crafted together. super clever + creative.

the full tutorial can be found here.

there are L O A D S of cool+cute diys to try over there ..  fabric bucket plant holders (who needs tkmaxx)  + tea infused scented candles are both on my HUGE (+ quite possibly unachievable) home to do list. thanks francesca!

bloggers are brilliant.

– c x


looking in

March 29, 2015

looking inlooking inlooking inlooking inlooking inlooking inlooking inlooking in

i love this home. the light + all the plants. the kitchen full of wares + the simple bright+calm bedroom.
that space off the living room . . . a table for drinking coffee by big windows overlooking somewhere green – that’s the dream.

read an interview with the creative couple who live there, on freundevonfreunden.
if you love looking in as much as i do – you will enjoy that website VERY MUCH.

– c x


le weekend | 8

30 day minimalism challenge
weekends these days (apart from t h a t hen do) seem to have a theme in our house . .

s i m p l i f y  /  d e c l u t t e r  /  s l o w d o w n

this 30 day minimalism challenge by into mind seems fairly simple on first look but some of those tasks are more difficult than we would all think i’m sure.. and come april, le weekends get a lot busier.

so, not starting today – because things are crazy for a SUPER SPECIAL REASON** over the next week – but, the week after that, I’m going to give it a go. checking off day by day the things we should all be doing/not doing but don’t/and do. it’ll be good for the soul.

so today i feel like i’m preparing for a month of being mindful, grateful, relaxed + uncomplaining by spring cleaning, writing lists & doing some moaning. just to get it out of my system..

hope le weekend is being good to you – c x

** next week GILL GETS MARRIED ! ! !

shop - wear

wear | the whitepepper

March 26, 2015

the whitepepper

i was introduced to this east london based online fashion brand by none other than cool shoe wearing caro the german picture-taker. and as soon as i looked at the website – i started a basket….

t h e  w h i t e p e p p e r

bold prints, bright colours, easy wearing dresses, cute shirts, LOTS of collars & buttons & child like patterns – the whitepepper specialise in quirky + unique street style + vintage inspired pieces.

i love the look book styling / colourful + super super cute …

the whitepepper
i recently bought  t h i s  d r e s s  (it was clicked and confirmed before i could even start justifying it) and it is one of the most wearable cute + comfortable things in my so-far-not-very-successful capsule wardrobe.

these are my top picks / / things in my basket right now :

the whitepepper
you’ll find the brand stocked online in urban outfitters, topshop & asos as well as over at

(just enter AHOY at checkout)

sorry & you’re welcome – c x

ps. gill – i’ve put that oversized pink wool coat up there for you to find. because i’m a pal.



March 23, 2015

Lifestyle fashion brush

this might be the coolest thing you hear about today. . .

o n e h u n d r e d f o r t y

//  a revolutionary art experiment that turns any tweet into a unique and beautiful print . . //

t h i s  is super clever. . . no numbered series, no repeats – only originals. . .

Lifestyle tapeLifestyle kitchen yellowOnehundredfortyLifestyle greenLifestyle greyOnehundredforty

‘think about it: how often has a tweet got you giggling, thinking or inspired only to be lost in the ether? With Onehundredforty, those same words can be preserved’

using meticulous design and smart programming, Onehundredforty merge any tweet of your choosing (ANY tweet) with artists’ creativity to produce a one-of-a-kind art print.
at time of launch on kickstarter last month – 15 different artists featured with 50 original designs – that’s over 5000 possible outcomes!
& no tweet can be purchased twice with the same design – meaning your print will be an absolute one off.

it’s so simple – yet such an amazing complex project ..
you select a tweet, the Onehundredforty programme generates a design using a specially created grid system, which will adapt to tweet length & change layout accordingly – BOOM you have your print. and if you don’t like it? hit refresh. you get another.

founded by a group of creatives from Stockholm – these guys are doing something completely unique. the process is amazing – you can read all about the project on kickstarter,  how it came about, how the system works, who is behind the scenes & see more examples of the brilliant designs. it is genius.
i say back them!


i’m not even a tweeter. i’m just a tweet reader. sometimes a retweeter. & this project is my favourite find of the year so far – thanks to blogger miss moss (one of my favourite places on the internet) who found it first.

– c x

home - shop

shop | minor goods

minor goods

m i n o r  g o o d s

i first found this shop via instagram – glasgow maker: o b j e c t  c o m p a n y  posts beautiful, styled images of her handcrafted wooden pieces – her instagram account is one of my favourite locals – so when i saw that she was stocking her wares at MINOR GOODS . .  i knew i’d love the shop.

carefully selecting handmade goods from artisans around europe mostly, & some worldwide – minor goods believe that less is more, curating lifestyle items that are simple, beautiful & traditionally made, with a modern approach.

the website is a well styled space & tells the stories of each maker and their methods – making the pieces sold feel as though they should be cherised, well used & loved within your home.

have a look at the minor goods shop here & follow on instagram here for daily inspiration & goodness.

i want all the wood pieces for the big kitchen we will have one day ….
– c x


le weekend | 7

March 20, 2015


T H A T . . .  looks like last weekend.   when gill was a hen.

all the dancing. so many girls. big colour. homemade vodka. too much rum. not enough tabbouleh. much more dancing.  D I Z Z Y .

so this weekend – is going to not look like that.

– c x


(image from behance via jen gotch)



March 19, 2015

suede style

like flares – I  L O V E  T H I S  T R E N D. it’s going to be a hard year shopping for me. hard as in – I”LL BUY EVERYTHING JOHN WILL DIVORCE ME AND I”LL HAVE NO MONEY BUT I DONT EVEN CARE BECAUSE ITS ALL SO BEAUTIFUL.

it’s not often whats in fashion/on trend/blah blah has any effect on me – but 2015 is the year of perfect style. yes to the 70s. yes to being a hippy. yes to a bit military & utility. to a bit boho. to textures – wool & suede & knits & velvet. yes and more yes’s to buttons & collars & knits & billowy bottoms & dungafuckingrees.
and suede!

z a r a  +  m a n g o  are both nailing it right now.  not just the suede – but the lookbook styling + photography.

soooo since it’s definitely spring now.. i definitely need T H O S E  S A N D A L S
& obvs nothing is ever complete without a good old fashioned B R O W N  B E L T (no jazzy bits for me on my belt thank you)
i like that girl in her woven knit top + S U E D E  S K I R T a lot.
remember i mentioned a purple velvet waistcoat? here’s another W A I S T C O A T i think i love.
gills going to super love that S H I R T D R E S S .
and i’m pretty sure i would look like alexa in that B U T T O N D O W N S K I R T
B A G . because i left my old suede one in a taxi last week.

let’s keep this 70s revival going forever – c x

home - shop


March 17, 2015


last year, i was working the wedding of a lovely couple from margate. they had tins & tins of really beautiful incense – unusual, brilliant scents in the most perfectly branded & styled packaging. they told me the story of a local-to-them man creating natural fragrance and skin care products in a coastal cliff top lab, from hand harvested seaweed & botanicals…


a shop of magical products, cleverly & carefully designed, handmade & packaged – find amber bottles of curious & wonderful beauty oils, serums & balms – tins of natural incense & wooden boxes of eco friendly candles & bottled eau de parfum – each perfume bottle etched with the gps coordinate for where ingredients were found & on what date, & with caps of solid brass hand turned by local craftsmen.

‘courtesy flush’ & ‘smudge sticks’ / ‘sailors beard oil’ & ‘seaweed blocks’ – just a few of the curious & clever, beautiful & simple haeckels products available.

shop online here & read more about the founders fascinating & inspiring philosophy here.

the haeckels website is somewhere to spend a small hour – each product description an interesting read in itself.  such detail, well thought out, beautifully written & with a great great background story ..
I  L O V E  T H I S  B R A N D

– c x


mama style

mama style | hubble+duke

March 16, 2015

hubble & duke

* c a l l i n g  a l l  m a m a s *

it’s over to our pal eileen again for some super cute babin chat!

hubble & duke
If you are a normal human that likes all the colours – not just pink – then it can be hard to dress your little one these days. Don’t get me wrong, I like pink as much as the next person, but I also like yellow and green and red and so on and so on.So after scouring the internet I found this gorgeous shop:


It has some really beautiful handmade pieces if you are looking for something a bit special. They are based in Australia – but do ship internationally.

All hubble+duke clothes are designed with your child’s comfort in mind, as well as being so fabulously stylish. I absolutely love this romper (I’ve discovered rompers are my all time favourite baby outfit, never met one I didn’t like) and those knee highs and the drop waist dress.
Imagine some chubby legs in those leggings

Infact, I’m glad they are not based in the UK or I would have no money left for my own clothes.

– Eileen x

T O O C U T E .
follow hubble+dukes instagram for some serious babin styling! – c x