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tonight | whisky day

February 11, 2015


tonight is a night for drinking whisky. it’s a family tradition. and we like to share it every year in the hope that whisky day will become a ‘thing’ for many**

if whisky is not for you  – you think – the recipes here by the girls at women&whiskies might just change your mind…  have a go and pour a dram, take some time & think about all the good things in life. even if they are few – away and feel lucky for a night.

happy whisky day – c x

**read about our annual family tradition here & here. we’d love you to join in. & become wrinkly with laughter & life.


image above – Glencoe – by the kitcheners


the jealous curator

February 10, 2015

jeffrey simmons


go and spend some time on the jealous curator. you’ll see some wonderful things.

– c x

watercolour on paper by jeffrey simmons

mama style

mama style | 8 essential baba things

February 7, 2015

* c a l l i n g  a l l  p o t e n t i a l  m a m a s *

i am lucky lucky lucky to have some beautiful mama friends with beautiful babins for me to cuddle my broodiness away with & buy super cute things for.  one of those friends is the laid-back & ever lovely eileen. mama to norah (the babin), bette davis (the cat) & Sugar8 Wedding Films* (the super cool business). now norah is an absolute delight. and if these are the things she likes & uses? then babies, follow suit. she’s cool.

this is eileens list of top essential baba things //

baby essentials
Everyone loves to give you advice when you’re pregnant, whether you ask for it or not. There are lists everywhere of things you really, really need and it can all get a bit confusing. I really loved reading the more personal lists that bloggers made up & the reasons they liked the items, like… I don’t have a car so we got this type of buggy that’s better for public transport, etc etc. That type of thing. It helped me to work out what I might need based on the way we lived.
So these are the items i found either really useful or really beautiful or, my favourite, both.
I hope sharing them will help you narrow down what you might need from the mountain of baby products out there.

The first thing for me was a baby bath that could fold away. We live in a tiny house with hardly any storage space so there could be no unnecessary space stealing from anything. It’s a bit pricier than most baths – but it folds away into a drawer and we can take it when we stay overnight anywhere. It also fits newborn – 4 year old. You can also get a newborn attachment, which we didn’t, but with hindsight I wish we had. Freer hands would be helpful!

No. 2 was a spur of the moment purchase that turned out to be one of the most useful things we have. The Tommee Tippee travel bottle warmer. This is just a flask I hear you say. Well it is but it also has this super useful lid. Nowadays they recommend you make up each bottle fresh, which in the middle of the night is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. This was great because before bed we could fill the flask up with boiled water and the lid with cold water, make up little tubs of formula, put it on a tray and bring it all to bed. So when Norah woke up we could make a bottle in a flash and put it in the cold water to cool down all without getting out of bed. Ta dah. It’s also great on the go for the same reason. Ingenious little flask you are.

This next item is by no means essential – it’s just something I love and it seems Norah loves it now too. The grey bunny lamp by Lapin & Me. Now that she’s noticing everything this little face seems to really amuse her. When feeding her and trying to get her down for the night with this light on she will bend over backwards to look at it and have a wee giggle to herself and a little chat with him. (Yes, we think it’s a boy even though it has lipstick on. He’s called Ralphy after A Christmas Story). I’ve gone in before when I thought she was asleep to find her cooing at him. My heart exploded it was so cute. I’m glad to see my baby has fantastic taste just like her mum.

This seems like an obvious one. Everyone will have a changing mat – but that’s not what we used this for. When we first came home from the hospital Norah wouldn’t sleep anywhere except on me or her Dad. We were terrified of having her in bed with us and it quickly got exhausting trying to sleep sitting up with her on our chests. I saw this co sleeper thing that you can put in your bed that has sides do you don’t roll on the baby. But it was only available in America so I had to get crafty quick. I used this Ikea mat with a crib sheet on top and we would put it up between our pillows to make a bed within our bed without the fear we would roll over and crush her. It worked a treat. Now it’s just an extra changing mat that we keep under the couch and she sleeps in her cot all on her ownio. And it’s only £5. Woo hoo.

The nappy bags that you get are mostly horrible. Big granny bags. I am a jeans and converse kind of girl and most of the nicer bags I did eventually find looked more in keeping with high heels and suit jackets – So I was on the hunt for a bag way before Norah arrived. This PacaPod changing bag was perfect as it looks just like a rucksack, more me, and it has so many compartments and bits and bobs. You have a feeding pod and a changing pod inside. Both can stay inside the bigger bag or you can clip them on the outside if you’re a bit full that day. And it does a million other things. I suggest you go buy it asap!

Ok, so baby toys are usually plastic, huge and noisy. I’m trying to avoid my tiny home being overtaken by pink plastic for as long as possible. This Ikea baby gym is great as not only does she love it – it looks pretty stylish too, so it can sit out in the living room without making my eyes twitch. You can add your own toys in as the baby grows and wants to play with different things and it has some little spinny bits at the side that a brand new newborn can stare at.  So this one will last and last.

This next thing might not be necessary for everyone – but it was a game changer for us. Norah has eczema and we had tried loads of different creams from the doctor with nothing working.  She was always scratching and wriggling even in her sleep so I really wanted to sort it quick style. I’m Google crazy so while on my search for something better, coconut oil ** kept coming up. It has about 7000 uses that you can read about all over the internet so I won’t list them here. But it’s completely natural and completely great. If your wee one has any skin complaints then I recommend trying it out.**

And.. Sophie the Giraffe. I don’t know what it is but apparently babies for years have loved this little Giraffe. It’s great now that she’s started teething, perfectly shaped for her tiny hands and goes everywhere with us just now.

t o p  t i p  a l e r t :
*I didn’t start using this last thing until Norah was 3 months but I REALLY wish I had started sooner. After one round of her jags, she became really clingy and I could not put her down. There was a hostage situation in the house and to get anything done I had to get myself a baby sling. They can be really expensive and there is really nothing to it – so I made my own. Not as hard as it sounds. It’s just 5mtr of jersey fabric – and that’s it. No sewing, nothing. The ones online were about £40+ but I bought 5 metres of fabric for £10, which actually makes 2 slings as you cut it lengthways. I watched some YouTube videos of how to wrap it, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Norah loves being carried around while I hoover and do other boring mum stuff and she falls asleep in it so quickly. They say it’s suitable up to age 3 so seems like there’s a lot more life in it yet* – E x


happy baby-having all! – c x

(look out for eileens next mama style post – the absolutely-non-essential-but-super-cool-things!)

*we were lucky enough to have sugar8 film our wedding day. (and then stay and dance socks off with us in the evening) for a nosey click here.
**our wee one had skin complaints too & it worked WONDERS. (our wee one being hank. the dog. who gets crazy allergies.  so there you go – coconut oil, for babins & pups. boom)

home - shop

home | h & m

February 5, 2015

h&m home
who knew you could shop  H&M h o m e  online? WHO KNEW?!  i have always been an instore h&m shopper. so I’ve completely missed this. (HOW?)  until now.  oor gillian shared this wonderful news and now i want ALL OF THE AFFORDABLE, SIMPLE, STYLISH ACCESSORIES FOR MY HOME.

they up there are my top picks tonight | wooden board . cushion . woven basket . wire basket . dishcloth . parrot plate .  marble dish . tassel blanket | tomorrow i might fancy towels with fish on & a cactus candle.
i’m so impressed h&m. a little selection of mighty bargains.

happy shopping – c x


make | time for banging

oh happy day diy
valentines day gifts aren’t a big deal in our house. but  t h i s  diy by ohhappyday made me laugh. out loud. make time for saying ‘bang me’ this year.

– c x


wear | pitchouguina

February 2, 2015


for when i feel a bit effortless & dreamy in the summer.


– c x