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February 15, 2015

fashion essentials
i’m still on that simple living kick. although i’ve not really kicked yet. but i’ve made lots of plans to.

t o d a y  //  c l o s e t  c l e a r i n g

i want to start a 5 piece french wardrobe, inspired by this blog post  by after drk. i love the idea of buying/keeping the essentials and building from there. starting afresh. buying 5 items per season that i really really love. & will work with all of my wardrobe basics. it seems like a bit of an ideal and i’m pretty sure i’m not going to be very good at it. however, a goal to work towards is never a bad thing – regardless of success. trying is better than doing nothing. and if i can simplify my home & shopping habits with an even s l i g h t l y smaller wardrobe, i’ll be happy. so here goes. today we declutter. (again)

happy sunday – c x

image from courtmoly – via the ever-inspiring beth kirby on pinterest

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