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January 26, 2015


this scottish fashion designer is partial to bright eclectic contrasting prints, embellishment, bold fabrics & sometimes – capes.  yes, the lady loves a cape. oh boy. her style is disco dress meets glamour shape (my words..) & she also happens to be a top wedding dress designer & maker too*.  please meet





his is rowans autumn/winter ’14 collection – wallflower** – which was inspired by the work of gustav klimt & frida kahlo, combining colour & pattern perfectly.  i  l o v e  the back panel of the above dress with that neckline & waistband. she nailed it.

see more collections & the bridal line here.  and follow on Facebook for more images & updates.

rowan has a very clear style.  she knows her uniform. and when you meet her in person, you’ll see she wears it, very well. her style definitely comes through in her work – designs that are inventive & charming & best paired with some glitter crusted accessories.  she makes me want to mix up my wardrobe. buy some jewelled tights.  because i’m a simple shirt, jumper, hat girl.  & i should really get myself a pair of gold-dusted bowie boots. & disco a little.

– cx

*rowan made my wedding dress.  from my head to her sketches to a muddy field in aberfeldy, may 2013. for a peak – look here

**all wallflower images shot by Paul Marr

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