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January 6, 2015


i once saw a blanket on instagram & i had never seen a lovelier thing. i hunted through comments & other instagram accounts (creepo i know) until i found a link to the shop it was found in….

The Future Kept

this online space sells only the best of quality, well designed, durable goods. handpicked by the owners, a super stylish husband & wife team.  sourcing pieces by independent designers, makers, artisans and entrepreneurs – with the hope that the items become part of your life, & last the times.
so good.

these were our top picks of the festive season :

the future kept picks

thats it. no.1.  the most beautiful throw you ever did see

2. pump street bakery chocolate

3. babies moon salve

4.  paper bag

5. pen knife (the perfect man gift)

6. lunch bag

7. makeup pouch

the future kept is stocked  f u l l  of beautiful, cool things & is forever updating & selling out of items. the site itself is a lovely place to be & their instagram account is absolutely one of my favourites. many a 2015 penny will be saved for here for sure.

happy shopping! – c x

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