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January 24, 2015

i found this shop in the run up to festive season & now  c a n n o t  stop going back to see what new stock they have in each week. this is ..

moorea seale online


beautifully curated items from homewares to shoes and the  n i c e s t  paper goods.  moorea seal is based in seattle, but with SUPER reasonable shipping costs  –  it’s definitely a bookmark’er wherever you are.

i bought this calendar for husband/kitchen, notebooks for sister, mistletoe candles for house, paper things for NO REASON & my shopping cart is still saved with  a l l  the shoes for me to buy as soon as i have an excuse.

well priced items, all handpicked & with 7% of all proceeds going to non-profit organisations –  what more could you possibly ask for from an online shop?!  read more about the stores “DO GOOD, DO GREAT” motto here. then go look around!

these are some of our top picks this month :

moorea seal

1 wrapping paper

2 bowl

3 necklace

4 matches

5 tassle clogs

6 mirror

7 ring

8 print

9 candle

follow moorea seal on instagram for behind the scenes & pinterest for serious style inspiration.  & make sure you check out the sale – on now!!

happy shopping  – c x

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