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January 26, 2015

depeapa etsy

etsy.  you may have to troll around for some time looking for shops that fit your style – always always always hit the favourite button so you don’t forget! – but it’s worth it when you find the goods. i like to use the trending items as a starting point &  a l w a y s  make sure i check out what my favourite tastemakers have been bookmarking – a lot of bloggers & websites are featured in this section & if you love what they do .. then you’re bound to like what they like right?

one shop i fell for was DEPEAPA ** (above) founded by a graphic designer & illustrator who wanted to give a new lease of life to her illustrations. and do she did, with printed cushions, bags, tshirts & accessories.
we  l o v e  those 80s vibes.

happy shopping – c x

if you have a favourite etsy shop that we might not have heard of.. do like pals do & share.

**depeapa have a sale on  r i g h t  n o w !  your welcome.

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