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le weekend | 2

January 17, 2015



this weekend : simplifying.

home from our trip (full blog post coming soon) feeling inspired, refreshed & motivated to start our new year decluttering, living well & living m o r e .

staying in a spacious, stylish but simple airbnb apartment for 5 days with only a small backpack of belongings, felt so good. at home i surround & suffocate myself with s t u f f .  most of which i love & we do have a good shopping ethic – only buying things we either really need or achingly want. & trying to rarely buy cheap wares that won’t last. but somehow, along the way, we have gathered so much extra. things we do not need. & without any organisation – it seems to be everywhere. all over my life.

so this weekend is for decluttering. simplifying. & living s l o w .

husband is out buying us those woven baskets i’ve been waiting on excuses for | i am pulling down and emptying out all of those boxes & cupboards full of things i’ve not laid eyes on for more than a year.
we’ll be spending time with hank dog | visiting friends | talking a lot about amsterdam | wearing jumpers & generally feeling good.

hope you have a great weekend – c x

{image found on vsco community journals}

eat - make

eats | party cheese

January 13, 2015

everything akin | cheeseboard

over the festive, we ate a  t o n  of cheese.  partly because i became a grown up & finally began to love cheese & wine – partly because it is the perfect party food – versatile, handheld & lovely looking when styled.

a cheese board is just party decor you can eat i say.

everything akin party eatseverything akin cheese
here are our tips :

use a chunky wooden chopping board – ours is from Ikea. jamie oliver would totally approve.

pick a range of good quality cheeses – hard, strong, creamy, fruit-filled, soft – they don’t have to be huge chunks, i.e. super expensive – buy 100g of this & 150g of that – one of each ‘type’ ..

a brie, a blue, a goats, a dutch, & a few cheddar-styles – mild, mature, smoked.

if like me you are no cheese connoisseur – use the above as a guide, and pick some by colour, texture & name. as i’m sure all sophisticated cheese people do.  who doesn’t want to try a snow-white wedge from Norway named Snofrisk*?!

build up your board using meats, crackers & fruit …

the husband likes to slice german & polish sausages, alongside pastramis, salamis & proscuittos – anything in different colours (don’t judge me)
grapes in red & green, apples**, pomegranate seeds scattered (from a height Jamie always says..) & figs thinly sliced (which will also make you seem rich & fancy i’m sure)
crackers & crunchy things – oatcakes & melba toast add some variety to your standard cheese biscuits & we are completely in love with Peters Yard artisan swedish crisp breads – d e l i c i o u s  (try the spelt & fig!)

pile on some rocket or watercress, drizzle & dot honey on your brie & finely chop stem ginger for on top of a goats cheese or vice versa – y u m –  pick little thyme leaves for throwing & wedge some rosemary branches in & around.  lay your table with some greenery, candles & colourful napkins or linen – & boom.  there’s your cheese board.

everything akin cheese
have a party. make it all about the cheese.
(and wine, of course, the wine)

– c x

*snofrisk is now my absolute favourite cheese. and that means i am a connoisseur i think.
** my husband is very upset with me over the brownness of my sliced apples in these shots. i apologise if it has disturbed any of you as it has him. i will never allow this to happen to my apples again…… um, promise.  i should have lemon juiced them & i am sorry – feel free to learn from my mistakes.

home - shop

shop | eyi love

January 11, 2015


more nice things for your home….i know.

wedding-stationer pals of ours, lorna & jack of eyi love, have just launched a new range of prints for the home & baby.  w a a a a a h o o !  stepping outside the day-job box to sell to us non/post-wedding-havers.

blacks, whites, coppers & golds – these guys are wee beauties (& perfect gifts..) :

 eyi loveeyi loveeyi love

prints for the babies, ones for the love – each design is clean, bold & stylish,  printed in perfect minimalistic colour combo goodness.

the couple behind it all – lorna & jack – are a  h o t t y  husband and wife team with amazing style, a super-cute little kiddo Judah, who dresses  w a y  cooler than most men i know, & a curly-haired dug named rudi.
follow them over on instagram for some behind the scenes love!

we are very lucky to have the chance to work with them by day – and are now excited to get ourselves some eyi love goodies for thy home too.

head over to their new website to see more of their designs :

eyi loveeyi love

& look out for some guest ‘mama-style’ posts by lorna – coming soon!
(if you check out their facebook & instagram you’ll see why we’ve asked this mama on board!)

– c x


le weekend | 1

January 10, 2015


le weekend | holidays
this weekend is all about tidying, clearing out christmas, turning on our out of office signs & spending time with the birthday dog** ..  because on monday we go ON HOLIDAY!

amsterdam, we are going to eat in all of your best restaurants & drink all of your beer.

reminiscent of our ‘moon in may 2013 – spent wandering the streets of paris, prague, berlin & barcelona – but this time with almost 2 years worth of married-life adventures in the bag & a herb lester city guide in his back pocket.

i’ll be sharing our favourite finds, places & spaces when we get back.

happy our-holidays to you all – c x


image by Lukasz Wierzbowski found here

**birthday dog , aka hank, turned one this weekend. he is our crazy handsome pooch who features mightily on my personal instagram, pure loves getting his picture taken & is our best pal. his birthday is a big deal.


follow us | pinterest

January 7, 2015

everything akin pinterest

we’re on pinterest.                                                                                                                                 a lot.

everything akin pinterest
follow us here to see what inspires us & get links to those BEAUTIFUL PINS up there /\ .

-c x

home - shop

shop | the future kept

January 6, 2015


i once saw a blanket on instagram & i had never seen a lovelier thing. i hunted through comments & other instagram accounts (creepo i know) until i found a link to the shop it was found in….

The Future Kept

this online space sells only the best of quality, well designed, durable goods. handpicked by the owners, a super stylish husband & wife team.  sourcing pieces by independent designers, makers, artisans and entrepreneurs – with the hope that the items become part of your life, & last the times.
so good.

these were our top picks of the festive season :

the future kept picks

thats it. no.1.  the most beautiful throw you ever did see

2. pump street bakery chocolate

3. babies moon salve

4.  paper bag

5. pen knife (the perfect man gift)

6. lunch bag

7. makeup pouch

the future kept is stocked  f u l l  of beautiful, cool things & is forever updating & selling out of items. the site itself is a lovely place to be & their instagram account is absolutely one of my favourites. many a 2015 penny will be saved for here for sure.

happy shopping! – c x

shop - wear

wear | ace&jig

January 5, 2015

 this is a brand i wish i could fill my wardrobe with. the colours. the stripe. the BREEZYNESS. these are the clothes i stare at online, at least once a week.

to the numerous ladies i have pinned over the past year wearing said clothes  –  you are all very very cool.

this, is ace&jig.


ace&jig was founded by two ladies who wanted to create a timeless, seasonless, womens collection, made using their own yarn dyed, woven fabric designs –  their story is wonderful. and the clothes are absolutely my-kind-of beautiful.


these are pieces from past collections, which i have loved for the longest time. newer seasons can be found here.
i love the simple cuts & the textured fabrics –  completely effortless & so wearable.
if you didn’t click the link, you should know –  the textiles are weaved on ancient wooden hand looms by specialists in India. !!!
read about their philosophy. it’s all perfect. both the story & the style.

(there was also a lovely interview with the ace&jig ladies in issue 61 of frankie magazine)



a list of uk & online stockists can be found here – good ol’ urban outfitters is one of them.
i’ll be completely jealous of those of you who buy. and completely happy for you because your going to look so cool.

see you soon! – c x

go - shop

shop | herb lester

the husband and i are off to amsterdam in a couple of weeks. can. not. wait.
and on looking for trip-inspired festive gifts –

i found herb lester:

herb lester
based in london – herb lester are map-makers.  taking an old school approach to writing a city guide, using cab driver recommendations & general walking & finding, & with wall-worthy design style – these wee guys are a perfect travel guide, small enough for a husbands pocket even, and ONLY £4 EACH. wtf.

2015-01-02_0007 2015-01-02_0008

font, colour & layout P E R F E C T I O N. there isn’t a design i didn’t like. and you can buy them in bundles that they call collections.  they even sell an ‘everywhere box’.

the website is a lovely place & the map paper is 100% recycled. WIN.
if your going somewhere get one.

& i’ll let you know how it does us in amsterdam through our no doubt bleary eyes…

– c x


| welcome |

January 4, 2015


happy 2015 to you all.  this is our new blog. come on in. it’s going to be nice here…

i love this time of year – home times & gatherings & a new beginning.

i’m fairly sure everyone feels unmotivated & uninspired some days. sometimes i need a shake off.  & all it takes for me is time spent on one of my favourite blogs, or a read of a really good magazine & on some favourite online shop sites – almost always instantly inspired.
good images, good style, good colours, good stories.  i n s p i r e d .

in the run up to the festive & throughout the merry limbo-land in between, we’ve bought from some brilliant places & shops, & found & loved even more blogs & instagram accounts than usual – ones that feel good just to look at…

so, why not BE one of those things?

divvy out the inspiration. share the inspiring-for-us things. the makers, the websites, the shops & the bits of life & home.  i believe that there are absolutely people out there who love, & would love, all that we love.

so this is that space.  for sharing, like pals do, things like:

these free desktop downloads from designlovefest

design love fest downloads

design love fest


design love fest

did you know about them?
well. now you do. & there are 100s to choose from here.
you are so very welcome.

hope to see you again & share all of our favourite things & finds with you | c x