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January 13, 2015

everything akin | cheeseboard

over the festive, we ate a  t o n  of cheese.  partly because i became a grown up & finally began to love cheese & wine – partly because it is the perfect party food – versatile, handheld & lovely looking when styled.

a cheese board is just party decor you can eat i say.

everything akin party eatseverything akin cheese
here are our tips :

use a chunky wooden chopping board – ours is from Ikea. jamie oliver would totally approve.

pick a range of good quality cheeses – hard, strong, creamy, fruit-filled, soft – they don’t have to be huge chunks, i.e. super expensive – buy 100g of this & 150g of that – one of each ‘type’ ..

a brie, a blue, a goats, a dutch, & a few cheddar-styles – mild, mature, smoked.

if like me you are no cheese connoisseur – use the above as a guide, and pick some by colour, texture & name. as i’m sure all sophisticated cheese people do.  who doesn’t want to try a snow-white wedge from Norway named Snofrisk*?!

build up your board using meats, crackers & fruit …

the husband likes to slice german & polish sausages, alongside pastramis, salamis & proscuittos – anything in different colours (don’t judge me)
grapes in red & green, apples**, pomegranate seeds scattered (from a height Jamie always says..) & figs thinly sliced (which will also make you seem rich & fancy i’m sure)
crackers & crunchy things – oatcakes & melba toast add some variety to your standard cheese biscuits & we are completely in love with Peters Yard artisan swedish crisp breads – d e l i c i o u s  (try the spelt & fig!)

pile on some rocket or watercress, drizzle & dot honey on your brie & finely chop stem ginger for on top of a goats cheese or vice versa – y u m –  pick little thyme leaves for throwing & wedge some rosemary branches in & around.  lay your table with some greenery, candles & colourful napkins or linen – & boom.  there’s your cheese board.

everything akin cheese
have a party. make it all about the cheese.
(and wine, of course, the wine)

– c x

*snofrisk is now my absolute favourite cheese. and that means i am a connoisseur i think.
** my husband is very upset with me over the brownness of my sliced apples in these shots. i apologise if it has disturbed any of you as it has him. i will never allow this to happen to my apples again…… um, promise.  i should have lemon juiced them & i am sorry – feel free to learn from my mistakes.

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