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shop | laura spring

January 31, 2015

laura spring textiles

a very good friend of a very good friend of mine (that wee german with the cool shoes again*) happens to be yet another of those super talented creative people i know. and she’s another neighbour**. a colourful, clever & masterly screen printing textile designer called

laura spring

laura spring textileslaura spring textileslaura spring textileslaura spring textileslaura spring textileslaura spring textiles

taking inspiration from the weather, lauras designs have a brightly coloured, bold motif’d, practicality about them – like i would definitely use the duffel bag on some kind of wet weathered quest to the market or take the tea towels on an adventure weekend in a camper van. they would absolutely handle the beating & look fecking good doing it.  hardy, useful & super cool.

bags, pouches, tea towels, laptop covers – her smaller batched textiles are screen-printed by hand in her glasgow studio and larger orders are produced by carefully hand selected british manufacturers who laura sources with quality & economy in mind. as she does also with her fabrics.  which allows her products to be both ethical  a n d  affordable. win win win win.

you want to buy things from lauras shop. we all need brilliant, fetching, helpful goods in our homes & on our person.  they are a colourful J O Y . have a look around her website to see the full range & read more about laura & her approach here.

laura spring

… before you go can i just say – laura designed a range of tea towels named dave. i feel that’s all i had to say all along really – t e a  t o w e l s  n a m e d  d a v e .

happy shopping! – c x

* all images by caro weiss. whom i previously raved about here.  fun fact 2 (1 was cool shoes) / she makes brilliant lentils.

** we really do live in a super cool neighbourhood. you wouldn’t believe it if you heard where we are – but the neighbours say it all.


s t r e t c h

January 30, 2015

unbalanced balance

this is me after a week of trying to lead a balanced lifestyle & going to bikram yoga*. now i’ve got a crazy busy weekend & i’m tired and unorganised. wtf.

healthy living is time consuming.  everyday is now a bad hair day.  bring back the balanced unbalance, i say.

but um, happy friday to you all! – c x

* if you’re thinking of trying it – and live in glasgow –  bikram yoga south side is a lovely studio with a good rep. i’d recommend it.

image AGAIN from that Jen Gotchs pinterest.

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shop | depeapa

January 26, 2015

depeapa etsy

etsy.  you may have to troll around for some time looking for shops that fit your style – always always always hit the favourite button so you don’t forget! – but it’s worth it when you find the goods. i like to use the trending items as a starting point &  a l w a y s  make sure i check out what my favourite tastemakers have been bookmarking – a lot of bloggers & websites are featured in this section & if you love what they do .. then you’re bound to like what they like right?

one shop i fell for was DEPEAPA ** (above) founded by a graphic designer & illustrator who wanted to give a new lease of life to her illustrations. and do she did, with printed cushions, bags, tshirts & accessories.
we  l o v e  those 80s vibes.

happy shopping – c x

if you have a favourite etsy shop that we might not have heard of.. do like pals do & share.

**depeapa have a sale on  r i g h t  n o w !  your welcome.


wear | rowanjoy


this scottish fashion designer is partial to bright eclectic contrasting prints, embellishment, bold fabrics & sometimes – capes.  yes, the lady loves a cape. oh boy. her style is disco dress meets glamour shape (my words..) & she also happens to be a top wedding dress designer & maker too*.  please meet





his is rowans autumn/winter ’14 collection – wallflower** – which was inspired by the work of gustav klimt & frida kahlo, combining colour & pattern perfectly.  i  l o v e  the back panel of the above dress with that neckline & waistband. she nailed it.

see more collections & the bridal line here.  and follow on Facebook for more images & updates.

rowan has a very clear style.  she knows her uniform. and when you meet her in person, you’ll see she wears it, very well. her style definitely comes through in her work – designs that are inventive & charming & best paired with some glitter crusted accessories.  she makes me want to mix up my wardrobe. buy some jewelled tights.  because i’m a simple shirt, jumper, hat girl.  & i should really get myself a pair of gold-dusted bowie boots. & disco a little.

– cx

*rowan made my wedding dress.  from my head to her sketches to a muddy field in aberfeldy, may 2013. for a peak – look here

**all wallflower images shot by Paul Marr


le weekend | 3

January 25, 2015

life choices

this weekend : to do lists

after a week of dates & dinners & rum – the weekend was a working one. & productive, which always feels good. i’m the kind of person who likes to get stuff done so that i can really enjoy a lazy day when i want one. struggling to be lazy by nature doesn’t mean that i don’t  l o v e  a complete wash out of a day. in bed in pjs with food & netflix & nothing to do.  a l l  d a y . or sofa films & cooking & drinking, not leaving the house. so good.
but to have that – i need to do the other stuff first. and this weekend was a do weekend. so do i did.  #workhardbelazyhard?

hope you have all enjoyed yours – c x


*image from the pinterest of another of our favourite pinners/bloggers/instagram-ers – Bri Emery of Designlovefest.  she’s got it.

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shop | moorea seal

January 24, 2015

i found this shop in the run up to festive season & now  c a n n o t  stop going back to see what new stock they have in each week. this is ..

moorea seale online


beautifully curated items from homewares to shoes and the  n i c e s t  paper goods.  moorea seal is based in seattle, but with SUPER reasonable shipping costs  –  it’s definitely a bookmark’er wherever you are.

i bought this calendar for husband/kitchen, notebooks for sister, mistletoe candles for house, paper things for NO REASON & my shopping cart is still saved with  a l l  the shoes for me to buy as soon as i have an excuse.

well priced items, all handpicked & with 7% of all proceeds going to non-profit organisations –  what more could you possibly ask for from an online shop?!  read more about the stores “DO GOOD, DO GREAT” motto here. then go look around!

these are some of our top picks this month :

moorea seal

1 wrapping paper

2 bowl

3 necklace

4 matches

5 tassle clogs

6 mirror

7 ring

8 print

9 candle

follow moorea seal on instagram for behind the scenes & pinterest for serious style inspiration.  & make sure you check out the sale – on now!!

happy shopping  – c x

eat - go

tonight | 1

January 22, 2015

one line in my super huge ‘i’m going to do way more… in 2015’ notebook is to go out & make the most of this city more often. and in glasgow there’s  p l e n t y  going on.

so. last night –  i dated the husband & went to the cinema & for some wee beers.  tick. TONIGHT – i’ve got a date with oor gill* & emmy the great. HEAVY DATING THIS WEEK.

wine & eats at the alston bar & beef then on to king tuts wah wah hut for some swimming poo-ool sounds.
G I R L S  N I G H T.  #makeitcount2015

have a good thursday night pals – c x

ps. image found on pinterest via Jen Gotch (follow her there & on instagram for shit tons of colour & hilarity)

*gill – oor regular contributor & taste-maker checker – owns the glasgow wedding collective & loves gold shiny things. also lives with hanks best pal bert.

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make | almost makes perfect DIY

January 21, 2015

almost make perfect diy
i love this diy idea.  s o  m u c h . a marble moon phase wall hanging by the super molly* of almost makes perfect – one of my long time favourite blogs & inspirations.
you’ll find full instructions & pictures over there ….

almost makes perfect diyalmost makes perfect diy

D O O Z I  E .

cool blog huh? super style & funny too. i feel like the blogs pal. we’ve got stuff in common – music taste, home style –  i’m honestly pretty sure we’d laugh a lot over margaritas & our mutual love of toast**. except molly is a way better DIY-er than me, comes up with some crazy-brilliant ideas & has totally nailed her blog aesthetic.  sharing stories, mix tapes & wish lists too – she’s an all round good blogegg.

check out some more of her DIY posts –
like this DIY wood ring box or DIY GUESS WHO. yes, guess who, that  a m a z i n g  game you played when you were a kiddo but may have forgotten until now?  – almost make perfect show you how to make your own.  WITH YOUR PALS FACES ON.  great. i. dea.

we should all make stuff cook stuff share stuff.  lets. – c x

* molly also co-owns blogzilla – who designed this very blog theme – more on them laters

** blogs give you this crazy notion that you know a person and are somehow their crony. i find this strange and fun all at once. lets all be pals.

meet - wear

wear | alison macleod

January 19, 2015

alison macleod

i am lucky to know some of the most creative & talented people in scotland. it’s true. some of the greatest makers & doers in the  c o u n t r y . & i am totally fine with blowing that trumpet. this jewellery is  b e a u t i f u l.  please meet..

alison macleod

neighbour, wedding-supplier friend, & super stylish mama to one cute Ru, alison makes jewellery inspired by the art of collecting things – the fondness people have for an object & the story between the piece & the person …
scottish jewellery makerscottish jewellery makerscottish jewellery makerscottish jewellery makerscottish jewellery makerscottish jewellery maker

inspired by shapes & textures, & often incorporating ‘found’ things into her craft – alisons jewellery is delicate & intricate – even the larger necklaces & brooches in the collections have a dainty charm.
the images, by caro weiss photography*,  show alisons work perfectly. the tones & the layers.  natural, simple & beautiful.

scottish jewellery makerscottish jewellery makerscottish jewellery makerscottish jewellery makerscottish jewellery makerscottish jewellery makerscottish jewellery maker
i’ve been excited to share this shoot for such a long time – perfect, almost ethereal, captured moments showcasing alisons jewellery in a very real way rather than stagnant still life product shots i see so often.
i would frame that last image for my home.  i find it really evocative.**

alison has a beautiful website & online shop, as well as selling at various shops & on some lovely online stores. find a list of stockists here. i love her creative process – the rummaging in junk shops & collecting of curios. all of which inspire her work.  see a day in alisons life here. from her gorgeous home to her super cool studio. filmed by our good friend eileen of sugar8.

and to see more of caro’s editorial work – click here.

big loves & happy shopping – c x

* caro is our gorgeous german friend and our very own wedding photographer. you’ll like her – she wears brilliant shoes.

** i want to own  a l l  the tiny stack rings so i look like that when i’m touching my head too.

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home | ferm living

January 18, 2015

ferm living

i would love to own a home shop. it’s on the list. selling all the perfect things i happen upon. like  e v e r y t h i n g  from :

Ferm Living

this danish company designs and makes homewares with a modern but home-y feel. clean & graphic, with a traditional scandinavian, retro look. favouring honest, quality materials like organic cotton, recycled paper, leather & wood.

these are the things i wanted most last month :

ferm living

1 clock

2 wooden frame

3 rug (or wall hanging..)

4 cushion

5 spoons

6 teatowel

7 cup

8 wire basket

since i still want all of those things + all of the other new things i’ve since decided i want also –  the spring/summer 2015 collection is s o  g o o d – i’ll just have to do another top picks post in the not too near future.

find ferm living online here.

happy shopping – c x